NEW Fortnite Battle Royale ‘Impact’ LTM Leaked

Fortnite Battle Royale Impact LTM

With the Fortnite Servers Down on PS4, Xbox One and PC people are scouring the internet to find out more information on upcoming updates in the game. A popular German youtube channel by the name of DieBuddies, with over 900,000 subscribers, have found out a little more on which games modes we can expect in future updates. According to their recent tweet, a New Fortnite Battle Royale LTM called Impact will be arriving in the game at some point. Their tweet also shows that they’ve discovered this through the game’s data files.

The youtube channel has been right on many occasions in the past, however without any confirmation by EPIC Games we cannot get too ahead of ourselves. DieBuddies also mention that this New Fortnite ‘Impact’ LTM will only be available for solo and is likely to have something to do with the comet. Fan theories and rumors have seemed to predict that the comet in the sky will be destroying Fortnite Tilted Towers at some date, the reason being is because that’s the direction it pointed towards. With that being said, do you think they are wrong to state “it’s likely to have something to do with the comet?”

Let us know in the comments below on what you think of this NEW Fortnite Battle Royale ‘Impact’ LTM!

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