New Clinger Grenade Coming To Fortnite Battle Royale, v3.6 Coming April 24th

New Fortnite Clinger Grenade

The news section in Fortnite Battle Royale has been updated to show the new Clinger Grenade which is coming soon! The Clinger Grenade reads: “Stick this explosive to any surface… or player!”

It will most likely be released in update v3.6 which the official Fortnite Twitter account has confirmed to be on April 24th at 4am EST. They said “v3.6 will be sticking its landing on April 24…”. They used the word “sticking” in their tweet which could be a hint to the Clinger Grenade, because the Clinger Grenade will be “sticking” to surfaces and people.

Another feature they will be adding in v3.6 is that you will be able to build through fences now. The Reddit user PunisheRRR94 complained about this issue and then the Design Lead of Fortnite replied to the comment saying “Thanks for the heads up, we’ll look into it. That doesn’t seem right. Edit: fixed in 3.6.” which is undeniable proof that it will be coming. The reddit post and reply can be found here.

Soon after v3.6 update is rolled out, the Week 10 Battle Pass challenges will come on April 26th. This will mark the last week of the Fortnite Battle Pass and we will soon see Season 4 coming. To read more on the Week 10 Battle Pass Challenges here is an article where we cover the leaked challenges.

Comment what would you like to see in update v3.6 and Battle Pass Season 4?


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