New Fortnite Castle Location Allegedly Coming Soon – Here’s How We Know

Fortnite Castle

Fortnite is now just over a year old! If we cast our minds back to the different iterations of the game, even only a the end of 2017, it feels like a totally different title. Not only did the map look basic and sparsely populated, but the weapons and meta were old and dated in comparison to the most current version. More than anything else, Epic Games have been able to evolve the map over a year, to a point where it has not become stale and stagnant. Each new season feels like an expansion for the vanilla game with the addition of crazy weapons, inticing locations and life-saving items. Now being in season 5, the latest rumour suggests that we may see a gigantic point of interest added in the form of a Fortnite castle in the Battle Royale mode.

What initially started out as wishful thinking and a subreddit rumour-mill has now become an almost concrete eventuality with the amount of evidence to support this claim.

Why Do We Think a Castle Will Be Added?

Starting with the basics lets asses the overall theme of Season 5 and see if a castle would fit within this. Throughout season 5 we have experienced the likes of space rifts, Viking settlements and a desert biome. Not to mention the countless history-themed skins, Easter Island heads, gliders and the more recent addition of Tomato Temple. As the unofficial theme has been established as ‘history’ based, a Medieval style Fortnite castle would be a perfect addition to the already eclectic mix of locations currently populated across the map.

Multiple theories have suggested that the castle will be added in the near future. The main piece of evidence for this is based on numerous hints provided by Epic Games. The first of which is implied in the form of a graffiti spray. Introduced in Season 4, many simply thought that these sprays were just a fun and creative addition to the game. The only purpose of which they served was purely for cosmetic and entertainment purposes. However, since then, it has become apparent that the sprays were actually indicators or ‘easter-eggs’ as to items we would later see in the game.

Examples of the foreshadowing are included in the laser-shark, hippy flower, Mexican wrestler and even the Durr-burger sprays. All were preempting either skins or gliders which have been added since. If this trend is anything to go by, then the Fortnite Castle spray was not added by chance.

Fortnite castle spray

Epic games have showcased an ability to maintain a state of excitement within Fortnite. Thanks to the ever-changing style of play, loadout options, customisable appearance and constant new locations.

Where Will the Fortnite Castle Appear?

The other main supporting theory for the addition of this Fortnite castle was found by some eagle-eyed community members. Early last week, Epic tweeted out a new dance style. This alone is nothing out of the norm as they often will reveal new dances and emotes in this fashion.

However, this Eddy Gordo-esque Capoeira dance was not what caused a frenzy. But rather the background of this video. Not only is the left-hand side mountain no longer adorning the Viking Village, but also the more central mountain is no longer housing the Villains Lair. These two factors seem to imply that the development team who recorded this promo emote video were using a more ‘updated’ iteration of the game. What that means in simple terms is that the landmarks we no longer see could be a sign of the topography in a future update.

But enough of what is missing, the main focus is on what has been added. Between the right-hand mountains is a very faint outline of some sort of landmark. Heavily treated with Gaussian Blur, it is hard to indefinitely make out what this is, but to so many of the community, this seems to be the silhouette of a castle! The new Fortnite castle to be precise, which is also synonymous with the outline of the castle in the Season 4 spray. Thanks to Reddit user u/Sran92 the comparison can be seen below.

"Crazy Castle" might be an actual POI coming to Fortnite. They have previously hinted a lot of things through Battle Pass sprays and this is likely one of them. from FortNiteBR

The exact location for this new point of interest (POI) is somewhere near the west side of Pleasant park. Based on the dance video and images above, we can assume it falls between the two mountains in that direction. With all of this information, the most accurate conclusion would be that the Fortnite castle will replace the Haunted House between Pleasant Park, Haunted Hills and Snobby Shores. The theoretical precise location should fall around here

fortnite castle location

It should be noted that none of this has been ‘officially’ confirmed by Epic Games, but all evidence thus far points toward this change occurring. Perhaps in the near future and maybe even as early as this weeks update. Whatever the news and the changes we see, we will keep you all posted on our social media.



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