Meteor Showers In Fortnite Battle Royale, Downtime At 4 AM (EST)

Fortnite Meteor Showers - Tilted Towers Battle Royale

In the past few weeks many Fortnite fans have heard about the comet that is expected to land in Tilted Towers today. As of the time of this post, it has not happened yet. Something interesting started happening a few hours ago; many players are reporting that they are finding meteors hurdling towards the ground. In the past few days there have been shooting stars found in the sky, but none are as big as the ones that have showed up randomly today. Here is a video by Twitter user @RestingkoalaYT:

This is more proof that the comet is getting closer every day and hour and is ready to impact any second!

Fortnite also announced today that they are going to have downtime at 4am EST to add a v3.5 content update. They have not released any information about this update and said that they are going to have patch notes available to everyone once downtime begins. Many are speculating that they are going to add the comet impact during this update. Some still speculate that they are going to add the comet impact at the end of season 3 battle pass. We will find out tomorrow when the patch notes go live. Here is the tweet by the official Fortnite twitter account @FortniteGame:

Let us know in the comments if you think Tilted Towers is going to be destroyed by the comet tonight!


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