Merry Marauder Could Possibly Return to Fortnite, Here’s Why

Merry Marauder Fortnite Skin

In what has proven to be an exciting turn of events, information has been teased as to a possible return of a fan favourite skin. Nick Chester, who is part of the Epic Games PR (Public Relations) Team, shared an interesting status and image recently. The details of this tweet indicate the apparent return of the widely popular Merry Marauder skin. The whole teaser originally stemmed form Fortnite tweeting about the newly added “sharp style” skin set within the Fortnite shop along with this image.

merry marauder tease

This on its own served to just promote the latest skins added within Season 5 of Fortnite. But the subsequent tweet from Nick Chester along with equally eagled eyed fans found something hidden in the image posted by Fortnite. The tweets that augmented the already growing hysteria around the hidden easter egg, where when Nick said that he was currently on a holiday and therefore should probably not be on social media, however, there was one little thing he felt the need to say. This, of course, was the single word of “Hey” accompanied by this image.

merry marauder

If you proceed, to look at the top right of the original image, tweeted by Fortnite, you will notice the Merry Marauder photobombing above the Big Shots Espresso cafe.

Merry Marauder

First introduced as part of the Winter/Christmas Season in Fortnite, the Merry Marauder initially appeared on the store on January 3rd, 2018. The last time it was seen was during its second cycle at the end of January, with the 31st of January 2018 being its last date available. The main reason for this skins popularity was due to its unique and somewhat comical appearance. From head to toe, this lifesize Gingerbread Man skin was seen everywhere during the late winter months of Fortnite. Not only was this skin a full body biscuit and mask, but it also had visually complementing Christmas themed ribbons (ammo strap and belt) as well as accents of icing across the outfit.

merry marauder skin

But, of course, since January the game has continued to grow in popularity and increase its new-player fan base. Many newer players could only look on in awe when they saw the Merry Marauder skin in the lobby or in-game. But soon, all players may be given another chance to purchase this fierce and festive ensemble.

Also, another supporting theory for the return of this epic rarity skin, is with the whole history and time-warp theories, that have been proven to be included in Season 5 of fortnite. Many thought that, along with other popular skins, we would not see the return of the Merry Marauder. This, in part, was due to its rarity and also in part that it was a season-specific themed skin. But again, with rifts appearing across the map and the fabric of space and time entering a state of disarray, it is wholly plausible that we may also see this rather “historic” skin make another return to the Fortnite online shop. If this proves to be accurate, then we can only hope that some even rarer skins (Skull Trooper) may have a limited return to the shop.

Regardless of the authenticity of the information garnered from Nick’s recent tweet, he is certainly creating a buzz within the Fortnite community. As far as causing a PR whirlwind of excitement goes, he has done a stellar job. Currently, there is no time on when (if at all) the Merry Marauder skin will return, but we will be sure to let you know when/if it does.


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