Latest FREE Fortnite PS Plus Celebration Pack in Battle Royale

Fortnite PS Plus Celebration Pack

It appears that Epic Games have once again partnered up with PlayStation. This collaboration has seen players be able to download new skins, unique gliders and rare backpacks. These bonuses have been added for the PS4 Fortnite community who also have a PlayStation¬†Plus membership. The reason that this is interesting, centres around the fact that Fortnite is a totally free-to-play game. This even means players who do not have a PS Plus membership can still join and play with their friends online. So it is best to see these ‘Fortnite PS Plus Celebration Packs’ as more of an added bonus to everyone who may already pay for PS Plus.

The other side of the community is those who wish to have these items purely from a collectors point of view. Some, may even actually buy a PS Plus membership simply to download these skins, gliders and backpacks. Although this may be a rarer outcome, nothing would surprise us when it comes to the Fortnite community.

How to Find the Fortnite PS Plus Celebration Pack?

In order to find this Fortnite PS Plus Celebration Pack, players simply need to type in ‘FORTNITE’ into the search bar on the PSN Store.

Fortnite PS Plus Celebration Pack

It should be noted that that image above does not display the third and brand new Fortnite PS Plus Celebration Pack as I am in the UK. For those who are in the USA, Australia and some other countries, your store will have already updated. In the UK we have to wait for the store to update in order to find the new items. This may also be the case for others around the world, but fear not, we will all be receiving the Celebration Pack 3 soon!

Once the Fortnite PS Plus Pack is fully released worldwide, there is also a chance that it may be actually displayed within the PS PLUS section with the PSN Store. But if not, stick to the method above. These items will also be displayed under the ‘add-ons’ section if you view a Fortnite page on the PSN Store.

What Is in the New Fortnite PS Plus Celebration Pack?

In the past two ‘Celebration Packs’ we have only had the likes of character skins, a backpack and a glider. Although pretty neat for some bonus freebies, the Celebration Pack 3 has some real treats!

Within the Fortnite PS Plus Celebration Pack 3, players will receive the following

  • Flappy Glider – This is a unique¬†glider following the same colour scheme as all the other PS Plus content. Complete with googly eyes, this skin looks similar in design to the much-loved and aptly named glider ‘Googly’.

Fortnite PS Plus Celebration Pack

  • Controller Pickaxe – Again following the same colour scheme, this dual-headed pick also has another additional feature. On the very top of the actual axe itself, you can find mounted there are two ps4 analogue sticks. A nice little feature to pay homage to the PS4 fans out there.

Fortnite PS Plus Celebration Pack

  • Artifact Slipstream/Contrail – A sure favourite as far as slipstreams are concerned, this Artifact Contrail is both dynamic and colourful. What more could we ask for? The textures coming out of the characters hands and feet have also been digitalized to make it look like coloured pixels. Also, if you pay attention, you will notice the that colours are synonymous with the X, Square, Triangle & Circle buttons on the PlayStation controller.

Fortnite PS Plus Celebration Pack

Considering most of the PS4 Fortnite community will already have a PS Plus membership in order to play other games online, these items are a perfect bonus. Perhaps in the future will also see collaborations and unique skins for Xbox One, PC, Mobile and Switch Players.


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