Is Fortnite in a Dome? – The Truman Show

Is Fortnite in a Dome?

Theories, speculation, and conspiracies are coming in thick and fast. Yesterday, we discussed the main circulating theory around the rocket launch and resulting fractures. Based on the current state of the map and the information available it seems that the theory we discussed is a plausible assumption. But another less common theory and the question that has been doing the rounds, asks “Is Fortnite in a dome?” This idea is a little more loosely based on the evidence presented before us. It starts in a similar vein to the more common theory (time warp), with the rocket finally causing a crack/fracture to appear, but deviates slightly when we asses the outcome.

Why Would They Build Fortnite in a Dome?

The first important part of this theory, with the evidence available, leads us to show how is Fortnite in a dome? What objective proof do we have to suggest this? A highly useful tool in Fortnite when aiming to collect data, footage or pictures, is to utilise the “Replay Mode”. Having the ability to slow down, rewind, change perspective and even increase the FOV (field of view) is crucial and thoroughly extensive. Most player will know that there is a build limit, which we assumed was just an invisible barrier placed by Epic Games to stop players infinity building upwards (possible render parameters also may have contributed). But what if this was really their way of simply putting Fortnite in a dome? We can even see (in replay mode) what appears to be the “limit” when we look at the fracture left by the rocket launch.

Fortnite Season 5 fracture view

For the sake of investigative research, it is always good to present both sides. Therefore we must also equally consider any counter-arguments to this according to both Twitter and Fortnite subreddit. The main point of contention is based on the fact that players have claimed that the initial rocket launch was actually higher than where the “fracture” appears to be. Therefore implying that there is not a dome and the “fracture” is indeed just a rip in the space-time continuum.

In addition to this, there appears to be no reason for having us in a dome, unless we are in an experiment, perhaps an attack is imminent. Who knows? Granted this theory is a little more fanciful, but one thing we have come to learn is that when it comes to Fortnite and Epic Games, anything can happen.

Are We Just In The Truman Show?

For those who are unfamiliar with this Jim Carrey 90’s hit classic. The blurb on The Truman Show was essentially a guy who was unaware that he lived in a dome/studio. His life was being televised to millions around the world and it was only when he reached the edge of the world, that he understood. Sound familiar?

fortnite in a dome edge truman show

If indeed it turns out that Fortnite is in a dome then what is the reasoning? Throughout Season 4 the map has slowly become like that of a studio. With cameras, rigs, props, green screens and film set’s everywhere. Therefore it is not a hard stretch to assume that we, too, are being televised. Given the nature of the Battle Royale mode, it would even be similar to that of Hunger Games (or the Japanese original BR).

One thing is certain, no matter how many theories are formulated, we will not know for sure what Season 5 will be until Epic Games want us to know. Fortnite once again has got the whole community riled up in mystery, conspiracy and assumption.

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