Here’s How You Can Potentially Reduce Fortnite Lag

Fortnite lag disconnect

One of the most infuriating and persistent issues within Fortnite Battle Royale is the Lag. Amongst other intermittent issues, lag is one of the biggest contributors to a players success and enjoyment or lack thereof. Not only does it break the sense of immersion, but the Fortnite lag also disrupts the flow of play.

Luckily this does not affect everyone, but to those that have been held hostage to the infamous ‘Lag Monster’ will know the struggle is oh so, all too real.

Other Connection & Server Issues in Fortnite Battle Royale

Although the Fortnite lag is the main point of contention with most players, unfortunately, there are other problem areas which some of you may have experienced. Recently we conducted a poll via our twitter and over 3.5k of you responded. It does indeed appear that Fortnite lag is the predominant issue you seem to face.

It should also be noted that some of these other problems are heightened by the lag itself and are subsidiary results, but serve as an individual nuisance nonetheless.

  • Rubber-Banding – For those who may be unaware, rubber banding when a player, other character or object ping back and forth across the map. The cause is a result of a poor internet connection. This makes not only tracking a target next to impossible, but the hope of actually landing a shot on them is wishful thinking at best.
  • Hitching – This is a sudden movement or jerk, or even temporary freezing of a game before it continues to run. Often experienced when players engage in a gunfight or are about to eat a bullet. Although it may be the result of the game loading a ‘death animation’ when your player has been killed, it feels like you lose total control moments before your character dies.
    More than likely the hitching only occurs once the game has registered your players’ death, but in a game were milliseconds are the difference between life and death, it seems to be a massive hindrance. Even if this is purely psychological and is simply just the game catching up, it has no place in a fast-paced game which should be running seamlessly throughout.
  • Server/Client Disconnects – A larger problem as of late, often players will join a server and experience the game freezing. For me, this has only occurred in squad games, but I am sure it is a reoccurring problem across all game types. Once the game freezes player movement is halted. Camera movement is often still permitted, but every other function is marred. Then the inevitable happens and either a ‘matchmaking error’ or ‘server disconnect’ error will appear.
    We are aware that in any game run wholly through third-party hosted servers, there can be issues, and on the whole, the community is patient. But this appears to be increasing in regularity. In some instances players can not even connect to a server, to begin with!Fortnite lag disconnect

Ways to Reduce the Fortnite Lag in Battle Royale

We can all agree that any issue which reduces overall enjoyment in a game is neither wanted nor liked. But thankfully there are a number of ways in which we can do our bit to help reduce these sporadic problems. Also, I would like to pay credit to the marvellous job the guys at Epic Games do. Although these problems are current and repetitive, with each patch, update and iteration, Epic is at least trying to address and resolve these issues.

  1. Firstly, ensure you are playing on the correct server for you. There are multiple servers worldwide and if you are not playing on the one closest to you, multiple problems will arise. This is one of the main causes of all the aforementioned issues but can be greatly reduced by the correct server choice. There are 6 main server regions to choose from all across the globe.
    The way in which this is combated is via the game settings in the main lobby, simply select the server either closest to you Geographically or simply the server with the lowest Ping (measured in MS).Fortnite lag server settings
  2. Test your internet connection. This may sound simple, but people are often quick to blame the game or online servers, when it may be something as obvious as a temporary poor connection (I am guilty of doing this too). A simple method is to run a speed test, a reputable site to use for this is via Ookla. If your ping and speeds all check out but you fear they are a little on the low side, try connecting your console or PC to the router via an Ethernet cable to ensure a stronger more stable connection.
  3. Remove unwanted devices. Linked to the second suggestion, ensure that you do not have multiple devices either uploading or downloading from the same internet whilst you are trying to play online. This will directly result in your overall experience and cause major Fortnite lag as well as other connection issues.
  4. System requirements. If you are a PC player, there are minimum system requirements in order to play and run the game smoothly. This would be at the minimum settings possible. The recommended system requirements have been provided thanks to SPARK at
    Fortnite Lag system requirements
    Also having an up-to-date system applies to console/mobile players. For example, if you are using an original PS4 which is dated and due to its age may be prone to overheating, it is expected that you will experience multiple issues versus someone running Fortnite on a brand new PS4 Pro

Hopefully, some of these tips help you with any issues you may experience. As mentioned, Epic Games have an incredibly active development team and all issues seem to be resolved in a quick and diligent fashion. If you have any issues or advice for other players feel free to join in the conversation on our twitter pages.


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