How Much Money Did Epic Games Make from Fortnite in 2018?

How Much Money Did Fortnite Make in 2018? | Epic Games

Without a doubt, Fortnite was the most popular game of 2018. Many people will be wondering – how much money did Fortnite make in 2018? A source close to Epic Games has revealed this information.

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How Much Money Did Fortnite Make in 2018?

In November it was announced that there were 8.3 million concurrent players of Fortnite Battle Royale. With that many players surely Epic Games would have made a huge profit, despite the game being mostly free to play.

TechCrunch has reported that an insider who knows the business well has stated that Epic Games made a whopping 3 billion dollars in profit in 2018 alone. This is a figure for their annual profit and not their entire revenue from the game itself. Aside from the paid Save the World aspect, players can purchase V-Bucks in order to attain different customisable features. Epic Games have not responded to requests for comments as of yet.

The most popular features that players spend their money on are the different skins and dances / emotes. With the item shop only showing limited items per day many people will rush to purchase a specific item – just in case it doesn’t reappear for a while in the shop.

Another tech website, SensorTower, have discovered that iOS players spend $1.23 million per day. Published in November 2018, the other figures provided show that the first week of Season 6 brought in $17.6 million just through the Apple platform.

Considering the fact that Fortnite is available worldwide on Playstation, Xbox, PC’s AND Apple/Samsung devices it is not unbelievable that Epic Games could have made a 3 billion dollar profit this year. Judging from the details above it would have been very possible.

The company itself has apparently grown in value since the release of Fortnite. It is now estimated that Epic Games is worth $15 billion. If things keep going in the same direction, who knows how much money Epic Games could have this time next year!



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