Hints Suggest Fortnite Tilted Towers Getting DESTROYED on April 25th

fortnite tilted towers destroyed

The online Fortnite community has been speculating for weeks about the future of the Battle Royale map and its’ most popular point of interest – Tilted Towers. Speculation led to multiple fan theories claiming a meteor would hit on 18th April. This date passed – and no such impact has occurred.

Tilted Towers Signs

Following the surprise update on Monday night (as opposed to the regular Thursday night updates), a few subtle easter eggs have appeared on the roofs of buildings within Tilted Towers.

Hints Suggest Fornite Tilted Towers Getting Destroyed April 25th.

(Credit to Reddit user r/mateybob)

These signs include images of what seems to be Tilted Towers, a UFO, a meteor, and a mysterious indication of something new coming tomorrow. Also, there appears to be some sort of meteor-watching addition to a building in Tilted. Not only is it a new chest spot but it includes a sofa, tv set, and a barbeque. Burgers and popcorn whilst the aliens attack, anyone?

Hints Suggest Fortnite Tilted Towers Destroyed April 25th!

What Does It Mean?

In terms of the signs, the Tilted Towers image could be a teaser adhering to recent speculation. But the inclusion of the UFO is more mysterious. Could we see aliens landing in Tilted Towers? Will they crash-land on the map, creating another POI? Or is this a possible indication for Season 4’s theme due to land late next week?

We already have evidence that aliens are coming to PvE Save The World, this may well extend to Battle Royale in the near future.

Some have pointed out that Lucky Landing may be the intended destination for a possible UFO landing – hence the name. This would be an interesting turn of events given the low popularity of the South side of the map. Epic Games will want to keep the game fresh without changing too much to keep popularity high. By changing something such as a rarely used point of interest they could

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