Here’s Where to Find All-Terrain Karts | Fortnite ATK Locations

Fortnite ATK Locations

Traversing the map can, at times, be one of the most tedious parts of Fortnite. Especially if the storm circle locations are not in your favour. Luckily, for us, over the last few seasons, there have been some additions and changes which serve to aid us. Season 4 saw the introduction of shopping trollies, both a fun asset and had a practical use. But their limitations were the speed (especially uphill) in which you could actually travel. So, understandably, many were pleased with the surprise modes of transport included as part of season 5 in Fortnite Battle Royale. Of course, we are talking about the ATK (All Terrain Karts) or otherwise known as the Golf buggies. In addition to the sky rifts, the Fortnite ATK locations really help to break up the map and promote a steady flow of play.

Fortnite ATK Locations Golf Caddy

Features of the ATK

Firstly, for those that are unaware, Epic Games added in multiple ATK’s to compliment the new “sports toys”, the new locations (mainly Lazy Links golf resort) and to provide a faster means of transport. Being able to carry a full squad, the new ATK’s have already become a fan favourite only a week in.

Part of their popularity is mainly down to the fact of the speed at which they travel. But other positive features include the ability to utilize the roof as a bounce pad, passengers can still shoot enemies and also can build ramps and structures to aid the driver. It even has added features which are familiar to those who played the Mario Kart classics. By this, I mean that when you powerslide a coloured boost/skid appears and increases the karts speed. This continues to speed up the longer you slide!

Fortnite ATK Locations skid

The counterbalance features would be that the kart does indeed have a limited health bar and when cruising the map in the ATK it produces quite a loud noise. This, of course, is all to balance out the vehicle and act almost as a beacon when players are speeding the length and width of the Fortnite Season 5 map.

Where are the Fortnite ATK Locations?

Now that we know the main assets of the kart, it would be useful to mention the Fortnite ATK locations. Varying in spawn rate, there luckily are quite a few scattered around and therefore not too difficult to find. Presently the main locations correspond with some of the new points of interest and locations. Below is an image designed by @TheSquatingDog who every week creates these visually stunning map locations and challenge guides. In this one, we can see some of the main spawn points and Fortnite ATK locations.

Fortnite ATK Locations

Some of the major Fortnite ATK locations include the classic west coast residence of Snobby Shores. As well as the newly added Lazy Links (golf resort) and Paradise Palms. You can also see that they do indeed appear around other named and unnamed locations on the map. But perhaps the most exciting location for these new vehicles is over on the east of the map at the “GUS” race trace. Previously being just a dirt track, with the odd shopping trolly, it is now a fully fledged racetrack, finished with guardrails and impact tires. A perfect place to race your friends and I am sure will prove a popular spot for minigames once we see the return of the widely popular Playgrounds LTM (Limited Time Mode).

As it stands these karts are not only fun but seem well balanced. Allowing players to have a blast with their friends b also to practically manoeuvre back into the central map if they are exploring the outer perimeter. I am sure by now, that most of you have either driven or been a passenger in one of these ATK’s but if not, then what are you waiting for?! It should also be noted that the Fortnite ATK locations mentioned are not the ONLY spawn locations as @EpicGames may add more or amend current spawn rates, so it only serves as a guide to help the community.


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