Here’s What’s New in Fortnite Season 5

Here's What's New in Fortnite Season 5

The main aspect of each Season within Fortnite is the battle pass and rewards that can be unlocked throughout. Fortnite will always be hugely popular due to its “free to play” aspect, but for those more regular players, the Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass is a no-brainer.

For those unaware, with the Battle Pass, you will be presented with 100 tiers. In order to unlock each tier, 10 “Battle Stars” are required. Throughout the lifecycle of Season 5 (2 months long), players will acquire not only new gliders, pickaxes, dances and emotes, but also unique and sometimes outlandish character skins. As we saw added in Season 4 of Fortnite Battle Royale, those who put in the time were rewarded with an extra bonus for their efforts. This was in the form of lights for the Carbide and Omega skins, once the respective levels were met (65 and 80). Although this created an individual flair to the skins, many felt that this was not enough to set those who “bought” their way to tier 100, versus those who earnt it and the levels to match. But, of course, in true Epic Games fashion, this issue so vocally chorused by the Fortnite community, has been fully rectified in Fortnite Season 5. And boy, does it look great!

In the same fashion as previous Battle Pass’, Season 5 will cost players 950 V-Bucks. This is a sound investment to regular players, as again throughout the 100 tiers, there are more than enough v-bucks rewards, to earn back the 950 spent, and then some.

New additions in Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass

Every season we, as a community, try to guess and predict what Epic Games will add into upcoming content. Although close to the mark with our previous theories, no one was able to predict what has been added into Fortnite Season 5. Out of respect for fellow gamers, we shall not spoil all of the surprises, but here is a brief breakdown of what has been included.

Pickaxes – a range of new and exciting pickaxes, to match newly added in-game themes or “sets”. This includes a party theme and even an “RPM” (grease monkey) theme pickaxe. Many more are sure to be added to the store throughout the coming weeks/months.

Dances – A few more entries from the “Boogie Down” contest have made their way into the game. In addition to this, there are also some fun, dynamic and inspired dances to really let you throw some shapes or dance on the graves of your enemies.

Emoticons – Another unique feature in Fortnite Season 5 that lets players demonstrate their emotions or simply display a comical image in-game for all to see.

Slipstreams – When carefully choosing when to launch out of the Battle Bus, timing, focus and flair are much-needed traits. This plummeting voyage from the sky to land is accentuated with these daring slipstreams. We’ve seen some incredible designs in the past, ranging from flaming extremities to comet-like graphics. But this Season has really stepped it up! Whether you simply want to look “cool” or just want a friendly reminder that you need to purchase some toiletries, Fortnite Season 5 has you covered.

Sprays -A fun addition we saw added as part of Season 4 in Fortnite Battle Royale. Whether you wish to leave your tag or simply brighten up the world around you, Fortnite Season 5 has a whole new host of sprays and tags.

Banners – Not only serving as a visual display for you and your friends in the lobby but any fallen combatant who is spectating you, will see the banner you wield. In a game that is just as much about visuals and customisation, as it is gameplay and mechanics, having a distinct banner/colour combo can really set players apart. If you have always desired to display an Ice Cream Truck as your banner, then you are in luck! But for those who wish to grind for a more daring reward, an Egyptian Serpent will await you.

Gliders – Much like the slipstreams, plunging at supersonic speeds from the Battle Bus to the desired location is an experience like no other. The gliders are another unique way to showcase either your prowess, skill or the depth of your pocket. In Fortnite Season 5 we have bigger and bolder gliders than we have ever seen before!

BackBling – A perfect accompaniment to a skin, glider and pickaxe set, is the backbling. Whether a player desires to mix and match or complete a set, unique back pieces really do finish of an outfit. We’ve seen the likes of wings or feathered cages in previous months, so why not have an inflatable unicorn backbling to add to the collection?

Loading Screens – These are more than just visual displays of stunning concept art. Loading screens have proven throughout Season 4 to be an integral part of the lore and story of Fortnite. It is too early to tell if Season 5 will follow suit, but nonetheless, the designs and artwork make every loading screen in the game, a joy to view.

Toys – A brand new feature that has caused great waves of excitement throughout the Fortnite Community, is the introduction of toys. Although infantile in nature, the addition of these toys and subsequent minigames are a great addition. Players have enjoyed testing their friends in the recent Playgrounds Limited Time Mode (LTM). And now they can transfer this friendly rivalry over to the main Battle Royale Arena. Basketball hoops and Golf challenges are the latest instalment from Epic games. Not only can you beat your friends in these fun minigames, but you can also don some awesome equipment whilst doing so.

XP and V-Bucks – A stable requirement for all Battle Passes. XP boosters (personal and for your friends) are required in order to level up both tiers and main levels, with the help of Battle Stars. And if you really want to have that exclusive new skin or awesome back bling then, V-bucks are a must. Or simply save them to purchase future Season Battle Pass’.

Skins -Undoubtedly, this is the main reason the majority of players will purchase a battle pass. The skins are the truest representation of our identity in the game. Some players love to sneak around in an other-worldly set-up, whereas some are happy to be bright and vibrant. As we predicted, the theme this season is centred around times from history. With a joyous blend of Modern and militant outfits, lifeguards, Japanese warriors and Norse champions, this Season 5 Battle Pass is the most creative and exciting yet. I am sure I am not alone, when all I want to do, is slay my foes whilst playing as legendary Norse Hero! The base Tier 100 skin is already epic in its own right, but for those that achieve 500,000xp throughout Season 5 will have the best skin Epic Games have added to date.


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