Fortnite Heavy Sniper Release Date, Gameplay, Stats & More

Fortnite Heavy Sniper Release Date, Gameplay, Stats

A new Fortnite Heavy Sniper will be added to the Battle Royale game in next week’s content update. Many details have been released about the new weapon. Read on to find out more.

Fortnite Heavy Sniper

According to leaks, this weapon will be capable of dealing high damage to structures. Here are some of the stats for the Epic and Legendary weapon:

Epic Heavy Sniper:
  • 150 Body Damage
  • 342 Headshot Damage
Legendary Heavy Sniper:
  • 157 Body Damage
  • 355 Headshot Damage
  • 0.33 Fire Rate
  • 1 Magazine Size
  • 4.1 seconds Reload Time

This puts the Legendary Heavy Sniper above the Legendary Bolt Action Sniper in terms of damage. In fact, it offers 41 more damage. However, it does take 1.4 more seconds to reload. As a result, this makes it the longest reload time out of all the sniper options.

So far, the stats for the Legendary sniper are the only ones available. Although, the stats for the Epic gun should not be too much different to the Legendary.

Other Features

Furthermore, the sniper will be able to pierce through the first wall it hits. The damage rate to a structure is 157 damage in one shot. This will be helpful if your aim is just right as you should still hit your target through the wall.

Watch this first look of the Fortnite Heavy Sniper doing damage to a structure. As you can see from the video, the Sniper is able to destroy all types of structures. Usually metal structures would be able to withstand a lot more shots. However, the Heavy Sniper seemingly destroys it with just one shot.

Do you think we need a more powerful Sniper weapon in Fortnite Battle Royale? Some people have commented that it might be too OP of a weapon. On the other hand, many have pointed out that the sniper is the most skilful weapon in the game. Therefore, the ‘OP’ like qualities are balanced out by the necessity of skill to be able to get the shot.


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