Fortnite Gifting System Leaked – How to send Gifts on Fortnite

How to send Gifts on Fortnite Battle Royale

The Fortnite Gifting system has been leaked by a dataminer. @The1Jaren on Twitter released a video showing an example of gifting an item.

Fortnite Gifting System

MrPopoTFS created a Reddit post back in late June stating “Gifting will be coming in the future. We don’t have an exact date to share”. However, this latest leak suggests the Fortnite Gifting system is now closer than ever and far along the development to be close to a full release.

Although this will come as a treat to Fortnite players, it isn’t quite the fully fledged marketplace trading system some players would have wanted. Epic Games would have been mindful not to create a similar issue with CS:GO skins, where they can effectively be traded as a real-world currency.

How to send gifts on Fortnite (Leak – Not Public)

The Fortnite Gifting System can be seen below. Bear in mind, this could change as it’s not completed yet and in a live environment. The Fortnite Battle Royale item shop has an added button allowing you to either “PURCHASE” or “Buy As A Gift”

  1. Choose the item to send (example: Behold – Uncommon Emote ‘Look at this!’)

How to send Gifts on Fortnite Battle Royale

2. Select Recipients

3. Gift wrap with a personalised message.

4. Send! This currently fails as the gifting is not a live feature yet. The error message states. The wasn’t supposed to happen! Gifting not enabled. errors.epicgames.fortnite.invalid_feature

Gifting Not Enabled

All images credit to @The1Jaren on Twitter, screenshots taken from the video.

It appears there are limits on how many gifts a person can receive. The screenshots show some friends greyed out with “This friend can receive gifts in X more days!”. An important message displayed on the personalise the gift section, “NOTE: Gifts to yourself cannot be returned”.

When the Fortnite Gifting System will be available is unknown. However, it certainly seems to be towards the later stages of development as we suspect it will be available very soon.


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