Fortnite’s Incredible Path to Success – How Did It Become so Popular?

Fortnite's Incredible Path to Success - How Did It Become so Popular?

Epic Game’s Fortnite Battle Royale is by far the most addicting and successful game which has shocked the world with its easy-to-play mechanics yet competitive nature. It has taken social media by surprise and everywhere you look, from Twitter to Instagram to even Snapchat, Fortnite is always mentioned in some shape or form. It’s important to note that the game is still an Early Access Game, meaning that developers are actively working every day to improve it. With that being said, here are 5 reason’s to why Fortnite has become so overwhelmingly popular.

Free to play:

One aspect of Fortnite that is unique and not many other game developers do is make a game Free-To-Play. This allows everyone to try out the game at no cost at all. What many people think when they hear Fortnite is Free-To-Play is that there is no harm in trying out the game, which is why they download it with little to no expectations other than what they have been told by friends and social media. It allows gamers to try out the game, get a feel for it, and continue playing it with no cost at all.

Can be played by everyone:

This reason goes more towards parents of young gamers, who want to make sure their kids are not playing anything that is too violent for them. Although Fortnite features many different types of guns and grenades, the game itself is completely animated and does include any blood or gore, which is a reason to why parents may allow their kids to play it. The competitive nature of Fortnite also allows older gamers in high school, university, and even gamers who have completed university to play Fortnite on a regular basis. On top of all this, Fortnite supports cross-platform which means that PS4, Xbox, PC and even mobile players can play with one another. The two platforms that cannot cross-platform with each other are the PS4 and the Xbox One but despite this, Fortnite remains very popular.

A relationship between Epic Games and Players:

Epic Games is known to be user-friendly, and even encourage players to leave feedback on what they can improve on. On every platform, there is an option to submit feedback straight from the game, and they also have forums in which anyone can let Epic Games know what they like about the game and what needs improvement. One major example was the addition of the jetpack, which was supposed to release sometime in early March. Majority of users expressed their fear in it taking away the effectiveness of building, which is a major component of Fortnite. The result was Epic Games pushing back the release of the jetpack, and to this day, the jetpack is nowhere to be heard of. Epic Games on twitter constantly lets fans know about any updates or downtime in which users would not be able to play the game due to updates, meaning fans know what is happening with the game instead of being left in the dark.

Constant Updates:

Every single week something new is added to Fortnite, which keeps gamers playing and prevents them from getting bored. These updates include limited time game modes such as 50vs50 and Sniper Shootout, which were very popular when they were available to play. The updates also include new items such as new outfits, gliders, and dances which do not give players a competitive advantage but to rather show off to other players of how “sick” they’re character looks.

Hype from Celebrities:

The hype of Fortnite has been incredible and has resulted in celebrities playing the free-to-play game. The most popular squad to this day has featured four well-known celebrities, one of who is specifically known for being arguably the best Fortnite player in the world today. His name is Tyler “Ninja” Belvins and he was joined by NFL star JuJu Smith-Schuster, as well as rappers Travis Scott and Drake. This squad on Fortnite resulted in breaking twitch’s record of most views at one time with 628,000 people who were watching the stream at one time. It was trending on Twitter and was even on the news. Some other notable celebrities that play Fortnite are NBA stars Kyle Kuzma and Karl-Anthony Towns. All of these celebrities playing Fortnite means that the people who keep up to date with these stars would also wonder what all the hype is about, and maybe play the games themselves.

Epic Games has done a great job with making Fortnite Battle Royale as successful as can be. It would be great for them to keep up the work they are doing so that Fortnite continues to be very successful. The reasons that have been provided have allowed both developers and fans to be happy with Fortnite Battle Royale.


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