Fortnite’s Best Way To Build in Battle Royale – Rocket Building

Fortnite's Best Way To Build in Battle Royale - Rocket Building

Fortnite Battle Royale’s new patch also came out with “Turbo Building” where all you have to do is hold down your fire button and it just keeps building. Something that came unexpected with this new way to build is also using it while rocket riding. All you have to do is have Turbo Building on and of course a rocket launcher then jump, hold down your fire button and you have a bridge for escape or just to rotate before you know it. Find out more details on Fortnite’s best way to build in Battle Royale, Rocket Building, in the quick video of people doing it below.

Benefits of Rocket Building:

  • You get from point A to B in extreme speed.
  • Easy way to escape a battle.
  • Can make rotating from mountain to mountain easier.

Downfalls of Rocket Building:

  • Lots of materials used at once.
  • Chance bridge might get shot down.

It has benefits and downfalls, but most importantly it has style points! Everyone knows style points are always what really matter in a game. So go gather some materials, get some rockets, and get yourself some style points!

Epic Games has announced the New Fortnte Battle Royale Jetpack, the communities reaction has been mixed though. Many people are worried about how it will change the flow of the game. These people can take a breathe of relief though, as the release of the jet pack has been put on hold due to last minute design issues. So to replace the release of of the jet pack Epic is going to release the Hunting Rifle instead. So we get to play with a new gun before we get to test out the jet pack. The Hunting Rifle will be released later this week, I don’t know about you, but I am extremely excited to get my hands on it!


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