Fortnite Vehicles Are Coming, but They’re Not What You Think

Fortnite Vehicles

A few months ago, the idea of drivable vehicles in Fortnite began to spread across the community. Since then, a better understand of what we can expect if they arrive has been found out. After viewing this data mined information, we can tell you that it seems as if Fortnite Vehicles are coming in Battle Royale, but they’re not what you think.

Fortnite Vehicles Rumors

Fortnite Drivable vehicles are an idea that has been tossed around by many multiplayer games developers. Would they be a positive asset to the game? Would they create an unfair advantage to those that acquired them? Regardless, they’ve been a discussion point but rarely has it been initiated.

However, word has spread that Fortnite will be getting vehicles into the game – and with new data-mined files appearing online, it’s looking like this could be one of those games that actually implements the rumor. Just… not quite the way you might expect.

Sure, around the Fortnite map there are plenty of vehicles ranging from cars, trucks, lorries and even ice cream vans. How fun would it be to get the Victory Royale by driving into someone’s base with an ice cream van and knocking them down? However, these do not appear to be the vehicles that will be available to the Fortnite players.

The Game Files

Some of you may have noticed the appearance of shopping carts around as you play. Maybe they were added as an extra source of metal for those that are keen harvesters? But according to Youtuber, DieBuddiesZocken, the shopping carts will soon be movable on the map. DieBuddies have also leaked many other new features, for example the Fortnite Impact LTM.

Fortnite Vehicles are Coming, But It's Not What You Think

Game files show pretty solid evidence that we will be able to manoeuvre the shopping carts to some level during the game. Files such as “audio”, “grab”, “movement” and “loop” suggest that the user will be able to grab the shopping trolley and move it around the map, thus emitting a noise. Whether or not they will be able to use this to their advantage is a separate question. If one could not ride in a shopping cart, what would be the point of making them capable of movement?

There is always the chance that the shopping carts will be part of the Battle Pass challenges, such as the dancefloors and those horrible, laughing gnomes that were capable of scaring even the unscareable.

Until the update we won’t know for sure what the shopping carts role will be in Fortnite Battle Royale – will they be useful Fortnite vehicles or will they just be a prop?

To hear the audio files of the potential Fortnite vehicle, click here and skip to 6:40.

What do you think the shopping carts use would be in-game? Do you think Fortnite vehicles are a good idea? Let us know your opinion!


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