Fortnite v3.6 Patch Notes – New Weapon, Fixes & Updates (Battle Royale)

Fortnite v3.6 Patch Notes - New Weapon, Fixes & Updates (Battle Royale)

With the latest Fortnite v3.6 patch that has just gone live, we once again see many improvements to the already fantastic game. We can see a whole host of fixes and changes to previous weapons as well as a new treat or two. As previously mentioned in our latest Fortnite article, we know we are receiving the new Sticky Grenade.

Fortnite V3.6 patch notes – Clinger Sticky Grenade

Before today it was all speculation as to how this weapon would slot into the already diverse armory. But now we can confirm how, why and when you should use this new item.

  • Found only as a grey drop (uncommon) this will likely be scattered around as frequently as normal grenades
  • Can be found scattered on the floor, within Llama loot, treasure chests and even supply drops
  • Will deal 100 damage to players and 200 to structures regardless of resources used
  • The destroy/blast a 1 tile radius upon detonation
  • Players receive 3 grenades per pick-up and can carry 10 like the standard grenades
  • More notably, there is a 2.5-second delay, thus allowing both attackers and defenders to escape/retreat accordingly

Clinger sticky grenade added in Fortnite v3.6 patch

Due to the timer activating upon contact with a player or surface, this grenade will not explode in mid-air. This is another example of how Epic games think of both aggressive and or defensive players, whilst balancing new items/weapons.

Bugs, Fixes & Other Changes in Fortnite v3.6 Patch

Most patches see changes to weapons, whether this is damage dropoff, rarity increase, or first shot accuracy improvements. The Fortnite v3.6 patch is no different.

  • The likelihood of finding remote explosives (c4) chests has been reduced by 40%
  • Miniguns have a 10% increase in damage and decrease in recoil
  • This minigun damage buff takes it from 16/17 (EPIC) and 18/19 (LEGENDARY)
  • Sniper rifle and crossbow hit registration has been improved, so now we will know if we hit those dirty long-range shots
  • Object collision issues with port-a-fort tires; downed players can no longer hide in these
  • Cozy Campfire no longer heals for 1 second longer than intended
  • When damage is dealt with the Rocket Launcher, red hitmarkers will now appear
  • The red light on c4/ remote explosives is no longer visible through doors
  • Fixed a bug where the resources gained from a Llama would sometimes exceed the maximum 999 allowed in a players inventory
  • No damage will be taken when you land on tires, no matter the hight of the drop
  • Door recoil bug has been fixed. Doors will no longer glitch if players rapidly press the interact button
  • When entering edit mode only the selected structure will now edit. The previous bug selected different structures falsely
  • Supply drop collision has been altered to not get stuck on trees, structures or the air
  • Baloon collision will no longer remain in place after a player has opened the drop

Port-a-Fort impovements

The Port-a-Fort has become a staple for most player. Whether trying to act as a distraction, or to gain the high ground advantage, we’ve all seen these scattered around the map over the last few weeks.

  • Tires no longer grant immunity to falling damage
  • The trajectory preview (blue outline when aiming grenade) will now indicate if the fort will build on stilts and a ramp or just a door on the floor
  • Trajectory will turn red if port-a-fort grenade is aimed too high
  • Issues with tires floaing in the air when port-a-fort has been thrown at a supply drop has been fixes

Gameplay Fixes & Updates

  • Small fences will no longer obstruct players when placing building items, object collision has been adjusted
  • On the starting island, players will spawn closer to their squadmates
  • All spawn points are closer together on starting island
  • First shot accuracy will now reset when payers either crouch, uncrouch or switching your weapon
  • Supply  drops will now spawn on the map twice as high but will descend twice as fast
  • Health points of supply drops have been adjusted according to the game mode players are in
    • Solo – 500
    • Duos – 750
    • Squads – 1250

Builder Pro controller configuration fixes/changes

Builder Pro is the newest controller layout will allow console players to bind structures to the shoulder buttons. This speeds up the building process immensely and has been adopted by most hardcore players. If you have not yet made the transition I would highly recommend it. Changes to builder bro in the fortnite v3.6 patch include

  • Fixed an issue which was causing players sprint animation to stop if they quickly tried to build a ramp whilst running
  • The problem has been resolved, where primary first was being interrupted when releasing ADS (Aim Down Sights)
  • Weapons will no longer fire unintentionally after switching to them from placing a structure

UI update

The user interface is one of the key features in any shooter game. Not only can it be used to aid players in combat, but it also adds to the overall aesthetic and ergonomics of a game. Any changes and improvements which will positively impact the Fortnite community are welcome. The most notable of which is the addition of addition of the Self Service Cosmetic Returns Feature. This effectively allows users to return up to 3 items in exchange for V-Bucks. However, it appears that transaction is limited to 3 times per account/lifetime.

This return service will ONLY include purchases made on

  • Emotes
  • Gliders
  • Harvesting tools
  • Back bling/ Backpacks
  • Skins/ Outfits

ALL other purchases made will not count and cannot be redeemed via this service.


Additional improvements made to a few audio and visual issues. Epic Games pride themselves on creating the best experience for all gamers. These include

  • Directional and quantity sound improvements for when multiple supply drops spawn in
  • The supply drop opening sound will now be audible from a distance (as intended)
  • Raven outfit/skin will not have any visual errors or  stretching issues when viewed in the locker
  • Rendering improvements for foliage and precompiled shaders when playing on a Mac
  • Metal doors audio file fixes. WIll now play when the door is being closed
  • Chests will signal audio cue when a player is in the vicinity. Glitch of this not occurring has been fixed
  • Bitemark pickaxe physics have been altered to show the animation and biting physics to work properly
  • Hitching will be reduced (small glitch) when players are killed. More improvements will be added in v4.0 update

Mobile fixes

  • Option to enable a fire button on the right-hand side of the screen has been added to the settings
  • Interaction issues have been fixes when attempting to revive or open chests
  • Friendly structures can now be edited, this was previously temperamental
  • Resources gathered are now displayed in the correct location
  • Fixed an issue where some players would still move when the map was open

This Fortnite v3.6 patch certainly includes a lot of changes and solidifies the view that Epic Games listen to the Fortnite Community. What changes would you like to see in a future update? Leave a comment below and to let us know


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