Fortnite Update v4.2 – Downtime, New Weapon & More

Fortnite Update v4.2

UPDATE: An in-game notice has now officially confirmed that the ‘Burst Assault Rifle’ will be arriving in Fortnite Update v4.2.

The next Fortnite update is coming May 15th, 4am ET (8:00 GMT). The updates usually bring with it new aspects to the game. For example, the last update brought us the Infinity War mash-up. What will this new update bring us?

Potential New Weapon

Twitter user @FortniteTracker leaked images showing a new weapon that could be added in during the v4.2 update tomorrow.

Fortnite Update v4.2 - Downtime, Potential New Weapon & More

The Assault Rifle Bullpup Burst appears to be the next new weapon coming to Fortnite Battle Royale. The image shows epic and legendary versions of the weapon. According to this leaked image, the epic AR Bullpup Burst will give 32 damage to body, 64 damage to head. The legendary Bullpup will give 33 body damage and 66 damage to head. The reload times are set at 2.5s and 2.3s respectively.

Youtuber Ali-A also quote-tweeted the official Fortnite Twitter account. He highlighted that they used the phrase “burst onto the battlefield”, using the word “burst” as the key. Furthermore, Chris Attalus, a Community Co-Ordinator for Fortnite, just replied to a Reddit comment that stated the Burst was confirmed with a winky face.

The last new gun we saw introduced into the game was the Light Machine Gun. This weapon has proved popular with many players. In contrast, the Crossbow was sent to the vaults in the V4.0 Fortnite update (which brought us Season 4). Will we see another lesser-used weapon joining the Crossbow this week?

Fortnite Update V4.2

If you look at the tweet posted by the official Fortnite twitter acount, not only do they say “burst” but they also say “V4.2 is gliding in”. Could this mean there will be new gliders available from tomorrow?

On the other hand, some people in the Fortnite community think this update mainly focuses on Save The World aspects, rather than Battle Royale. As there is already a burst assault rifle in Battle Royale – maybe their is truth in this rumor? We will find out come tomorrow when the patch notes get released.

Until then, let us know what you hope to see in the V4.2 Fortnite update tomorrow at @FortniteBattle.


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