Fortnite Tilted Towers May Actually Be Destroyed, Here’s Why

Fortnite Tilted Towers Destroyed

Fortnite Tilted Towers may be the most popular spot in the growing battle royale game. The Fortnite Developers have recieved an array of reviews regarding this spot in the map. Based off the amount of people I play with, and the people I know that play this game; console players seem to have the hardest time in Tilted Towers. The constant freezing and heavy lag spikes have made Tilted Towers less than enjoyable on console. Even though the developers may have had some decent feedback about this specific location; will they actually destroy the towers?

Is Fortnite Tilted Towers Going Down?

Many fan theories have been posted to YouTube and Reddit. One of the most popular theories is that the random controller vibration “bug” that people have been experiencing, is a Morse Code message. You can read about the decoded message Reddit user vigilancefoetracer discovered here! The decoded message is said to have the date of impact when the comet or meteor that is now in the game’s sky.

fortnite tilted towers

It is also being speculated that the telescopes that have been placed throughout the map have blue reflections in them. Of course, that leads to the conclusion that people are going to be watching the comet/meteor fall out of the sky.

Why Tilted Towers, and why a comet?

Famous YouTuber TmarTn, has made a whole video on the new theories that have come to life since people started seeing the comet and noticing the vibration “bug”. Meninist Gaming on Twitter has also posted on why the Tilted Towers will be hit. According to most people who are following the theory, Fortnite’s map is similar to the layout of the country Poland. Meninist Gaming states:

The Fortnite map is shaped like the map of Poland, and a city named Poznan was hit by a meteor in 2015, it is located in the same spot as Tilted Towers

fortnite tilted towers

Is this even more confirmation that Tilted Towers is going to be destroyed by a meteor? Maybe. TmarTn gives more detail in his YouTube video about possibilities for the map is shaped the way it is. He talks about a couple of his own theories involving Epic’s CEO Tim Sweeney. You can hear more about these exciting new theories in TmarTn’s YouTube video below:

Date of Impact!

Players thought the date of impact was going to be 4/1/2018. How would that be for an April Fools’ prank? Taking out one of the most popular spots on the map! Epic Games likes to do things unexpectedly though, like with the new impulse grenade abilities. On April Fools, Epic gave the impulse grenade the ability to throw you forward further and toss you in the air higher. Good one, Epic! Since April 1st came and went, and Tilted Towers was still not impacted, there’s a new date of impact. Remember how earlier I mentioned Fornite’s map being shaped like Poland, and the meteor hit in 2015? Well, apparently, there’s an actual meteor shower even that takes place every year between April 16th through April 24th. In the Morse code message the last numbers decoded was:

4 1 8

Does that mean the actual date of impact is April 18th?

Nobody knows for sure because nothing has been confirmed by Epic. And they are sticking with their story, the controller vibration is just a known bug. Even though nothing is confirmed, would anyone be surprised by Epic Games pulling off something this epic?!

What are your thoughts on these fan theories? Are they just theories, or is Epic planning to end the Fortnite Tilted Towers? What about the whole map? Let us know in the comments down below!

Source: Meninist Gaming


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