Fortnite Spacecraft Theory – Tilted Towers or Lucky Landing?

Fortnite Spacecraft : Spaceship

There’s been huge debate and discussion regarding Tilted Towers in Fortnite Battle Royale. The original theory developed from randomly occurring controller vibrations leaking the Morse Code SOSD5418, which was commonly interpreted as SOS D5 4/18. This led to many users believing something catastrophic would happen in the D5 section of the map (Tilted Towers) in April 2018, so far the first expected date of April 18th was wrong.

An incredible new theory including a Spacecraft and Lucky Landing has been found in the comments section of a YouTube video, we find this very interesting as we at Gaming INTEL have found corroborating evidence to back up this theory.

Fortnite Spacecraft Theory

The theory from Justin McNeil states it’s not a comet, but a Fortnite Spacecraft. The date to look out for is the end of the Battle Pass Season on April 30th 2018, this coincides with the end of the current event quest line in Save The World. He goes on to surmise that Lucky Landing will be landed on and REPLACED by an alien Spacecraft.

Gaming INTEL Corroborating Evidence

Firstly, this makes a lot of sense. It’s very likely something like this will tie in with other parts of the game such as Save The World.

  • We have seen a video of a Spacecraft hovering around the comet as seen by Twitter user @Serujio_Senpai (Video shown below):
  • If you aim at the comet it will make a humming sound and pulse revealing the ‘Take The L’ dance when presented as a spectrogram (Credit to Reddit u/Lucas7yoshi)
  • As well as being called the ‘Take The L’ dance, it also happens to have the player make an L on their forehead, commonly known for ‘loser’ but it is also the first letter of both words Lucky Landing.
  • Could the name of this dance have a doubling meaning? Take The L could be referring to Lucky Landing being taken over.

One thing which doesn’t quite add up is the D5 in the Morse Code, because Lucky Landing is located in F10. So far Lucky Landing doesn’t have too much evidence backing it up, but either way we think Tilted Towers will still be involved as it would be foolish to ignore the D5. Here at Gaming INTEL we’re pretty convinced an Alien Spaceship is coming to takeover or crash land.

Full Comment Below

“It’s not a comet, it’s a spacecraft. This would be more common knowledge if more people played Save The World, and actually listening to the audio while completing the new event quest line that was just released with the last patch. In case anyone was wondering, the exact same object is in the sky in Save The World, and it is transmitting communication.

If you’d like my theory, I don’t think it will happen today either, it will probably most likely happen at the end of the battle pass season, which will correspond with the end of the current event quest line in Save The World. I personally think Lucky Landing is getting landed on (irony) and replaced by an alien space craft – not so lucky after all. It was a season event place to begin with for Chinese New Years, and I can eaily imagine all the treasure towers being replaced with alien towers. It would change the landscape for a season and keep things fresh. This sets up a Battle Pass with alien skins that allows for a theme of astronauts vs aliens on the field.

I would like to see the following season Battle Pass after that be themed with zombie and post apocalyptic road warrior type skins. Now that’s a story arc over the course of multiple Battle Passes that requires no verbal in game explanations, which would be pretty cool, imo. BUT HEY, THAT’S JUST A THEORY, A GAME THEORY.

But seriously, play Save The World, because you’re miossing a lot of details about the object in the sky and how it’s sending communications. And to all the people freaking out about the poster that supposedly has a picture of Tilted Towers on the earth inside that bedroom: show me that alien bridge in Tilted Towers with laser beacons on the top of it please, because there’s not one stucture in Tilted that looks like that. If we want to talk posters, go to flush factory and dance on it a bit on the disco floor while eating your heart out staring at the poster with an alien on it while it stares right back at you.” – Justin McNeil

Credit to Reddit u/jjbennett2000 for finding the comment initally.


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