Fortnite Season 4 Wishlist – Superhero theme?

Fortnite Season 4 Wishlist

Fortnite is a game which certainly is keeping the community busy. With a constant stream of new daily and weekly challenges, weapons, patches, new locations and aesthetic changes there is always plenty to experience and discover. And don’t even get me started on the whole “Titled Towers/Meteor Easter Egg“! But the main thing that we want to focus on is a Fortnite Season 4 wishlist.

Before we get into that lets recap on Season 3. Throughout the last 2 months, we’ve seen Fortnite evolve into this well balanced, high energy, gaming experience. There is no doubt as to its success, with figures at 3.5 million daily players. And that was at the start of April so it would be safe to assume the number is even greater now.

The community as a whole has now cast its gaze toward season 4. With speculation building for weeks, surrounding possible alien invasions, meteor showers and significant map destruction, only time will tell what we can expect. Another popular theory has been synonymous with the alien invasion/meter theory and this is around a “Superhero theme” for season 4. This information is further supported by an image revealed at 3 pm (GMT) by Epic Games which showcases the Season 4 banner, a “Meteor” looking visual with a masked male character on the right-hand side of the image. The colour scheme, mask and image layout all validate the Superhero theme, with this image in particular possibly representing a “Flash”-Esq character set.

Fortnite season 4 wishlist

The text also encourages this theme as we have seen variations of this image saying “Brace for impact!”, again possibly representing the meteor impact or alien invasion. Epic Games also captioned this original image with “Battle, Adapt, Win”. Although ambiguous in nature, it would tie in perfectly with Superheros, Aliens and Villans.

Our Fortnite season 4 wishlist

One thing many players love about the Fortnite gaming community is that they are not afraid to be vocal. If a weapon has been introduced and fans don’t like it, you can be sure that Twitter, Youtube and social media as a whole will make that quite clear. However, credit should be given to Epic Games who constantly listen, fix, patch and balance the game to continue to give us all the best gaming experience possible.
We’ve put our heads together at GamingINTEL and come up with a list of things we would love to see added in a Fortnite Season 4 wishlist.

  1. New locations/ New map

    – A new location or changes to previous locations are the most likely instant change we will see in Season 4. Regardless of whether we experience the map being taken over by an Alien invasion or a Meteor simply destroys part of the map, there is enough “evidence” to assume either Tilted Towers or Lucky landing will be altered in some way.

    A slightly more ambitious hope for Season 4 would be a totally new map. Epic Games are incredibly talented at keeping the Vanilla map feeling fresh but it will only be a matter of time before we see the next instalment added. It is more likely though that, whilst still in early access, we will have the one map to enjoy. However, one thing we have learnt with Epic Games is to expect the unexpected; they always keep us guessing and on our toes. Changes of the current map or a potential new map are sure to be present on any Fortnite season 4 wishlist.

    New map in Season 4

  2. New Weapons/ Items

    – It would be rather surprising if we went through the whole of Season 4 without any new weapons or items. Given that so far we have treated with additional weapons, grenades and healables every couple of weeks. This is unlikely to change.

    Perhaps the addition of Melee weapons in Battle Royal is a more realistic addition we could expect. We’ve seen a wide range of different pickaxes, but these are all simply aesthetic changes with no functional change. These visual changes could be applied to melee weapons each with unique abilities, strengths, hit points and motion time.

    Also, new types of traps would be a welcome addition. The trap has taken out even the greatest of players, but more versatile traps would add a whole new dimension to each engagement. A few could be in the form of a trip mine, poison gas or even an oil/tar trap which slow down opponents. Maybe even something as outrageous as a UAV pulse or radar ping, but branded as “Superhero Xray vision”.

  3. LTM Playlist

    – Throughout the last 3 seasons, there has been a number of LTM (Limited Time Modes) events, with each lasting for about a week at a time. These have ranged from “Silenced Weapons Only”,”Sniper Shootout”, “50v50”, “25v25v25v25” and High Explosives just to name a few.
    Of course, everyone has their own personal preference, with some modes gaining more love than others.

    Many people have suggested that they would like to see an LTM game mode playlist in which players had the option to select from some fan favourites. The major counter argument for this is that is may divide up the community. However, with a large and continuously growing player base, having a playlist option would still see each mode being full. Playlists like have been shown to work in other FPS titles such as Call of Duty and Battlefield. Therefore, there is no real reason as to why this would not work when translated into a battle royale style game

  4. New skins, emotes, animations

    – Of course, we will see of o these as part of the Season 4 Battle Pass. But, as mentioned above, these could be heavily themed around Aliens and/or Superheros. Whether traversing the side of a mountain, sneaking on an enemy team, dodging bullets or simply sprinting from the storm, each moment and interaction would be truly “EPIC” (pun intended) dressed as a superhero.As for animations, we’ve seen flames, bubbles and rainbow slipstream animations whilst free falling, but imagine instead of a glider and slipstream combo, players would fly, soar or float to the ground. Slipstreams could then be lightening, speed lines, electric, plasma. The possibilities are quite literally endless.

    Death animations could also find their place in Fortnite. Of course, it would be a bittersweet moment seeing your character vapourise, implode, be sucked through a black hole or reduced to ash. This is not something we have seen as of yet but would add another stunning visual treat for our eyes whilst eliminating enemies.

    A fun amount of fan-made concept art has been submerging over the last two months two. I would assume due to licensing we will not see these exact Marvel skins added, but they serve as a good visual representation of what superhero themed skins could look like.


    Fortnite season 4 wishlist skin concept 1

    Fortnite season 4 wishlist skin concept 2
    Credit for these incredible concept skins goes to Austin Pasquale or @GoldSulftin on Twitter.

These are all, of course, our hopes for Season 4 but we will not know what is included until Epic Games reveal all. The second we know we’ll be sure to let you know as well.
If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see included in a fortnite season 4 wishlist or what you are expecting comment them to us below.


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