Fortnite Pro-Am – Epic Games’ E3 2018 Plans

Fortnite Pro-Am - Epic Games' E3 2018 Plans

E3 2018 is just around the corner and one of this year’s newest and hottest games, Fortnite, has some fun celebrations in store.

Fortnite has announced a celebrities vs. pros competition at E3 2018. This competition will put duos against each other. The duos will be made up of a celebrity and a pro Fortnite player that will have to work together for the ultimate prize, $3,000,000 dollars for the charity of their choice! This exciting match will be live streamed on Tuesday, June 12 at 3:30 PM PST. Tickets to attend this event are $10. Epic Games will be sending out emails to the people of the LA area to purchase the tickets until they are gone. So if your in LA you might want to hop on this opportunity. Some of the duo pairs that will be competing for the charity money include:

  • Ninja & Marshmellow
  • Myth & Paul George
  • Pokimane & Desiigner
  • Markiplier & Joel McHale
  • Gotaga & Demetrious Johnson
  • Ali-A & Pete Went
  • WillyRex & Prince Royce
  • XpertThief & Janina Gavankar
  • Nadeshot & Tyron Woodley
  • One_Shot_Gurl & Jack Falahee
  • King Richard & JT Brown
  • Stonemountain64 & Jordan Fisher
  • Berkcan & Ryan Cartwright
  • Darkness429 & Marcus Scribner
  • Orkun & Jordyn Jones

More duos are planned to be announced as E3 2018 gets closer. Besides the competition there will also be a event called Party Royale. This event will be a celebration of Fortnite and tickets can be won at the Fortnite 2723 booth. Be sure to tune in this E3 because Epic Games are most likely planning on revealing something interesting. The event will be invite only but if you win a ticket then there will be a bag of goodies for you. You can also tune in to the livestream for a chance to win exclusive swag from Fortnite.

So make sure to tune in to earn exclusive gear and to watch the crazy match go down for yourself. Have in mind that the Pro AM and the Party Royale are different tickets and only the Pro AM tickets can be bought. The Party Royale tickets must be from Epic Games or won at the Fortnite booth at E3, you must also be at least 18 years old to attend this party.


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