Fortnite Practice Mode Suggestion Could Attract Even More Fans

Fortnite Practice Mode

Fortnite popularity is continuing to grow at a ridiculously fast rate. Millions of people are playing the game each day, in which feature many beginners. We’ve all had that time where we’ve started a new game and been absolutely terrible. However, there’s one way to prevent the term ‘beginners’ in Fortnite Battle Royale. Thousands of fans within the community suggested a Fortnite Practice Mode for ALL new players.

Epic Games has been known to actively listen to their fans, therefore we shouldn’t at all write off the chance of a Fortnite Practice Mode taking place.

If Epic Games added Practice Mode to Fortnite it would let every new player who has just downloaded the game get a chance to become good.

On Reddit,¬†StParadox commented, “Within practice mode you get infinite resources to learn how to build efficiently, as well as infinite ammo and different variety of guns to have a feel on how they operate in the game. It could be a very small map, simply to prepare you more for BR.”

Fortnite Practice mode? from FortNiteBR

He is just one of the many people who want Practice mode In Battle Royale.

Another suggestion about this potential mode would be that you compete against bots. In all other games, when competing against a bot it usually feels less competitive and could give users potentially a lot more confidence. The number of players who’ll here gun fire and just run the opposite direction is unreal, therefore practicing on a certain mode with bots would make games so much more entertaining.

Fortnite is undoubtably a hard and frustrating game, and especially even more so for beginners. This new feature would allow new players to learn the basics before jumping straight into battle. All in all, I believe that adding a Fortnite Practice mode would change the game entirely, which could make the game much better.


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