Is Fortnite Pay To Win – Could Buying Skins Increase Your Loot Luck?

Is Fortnite Pay To Win?

Fortnite seems to be a hot topic every week in the gaming world. With topics ranging from weekly challenges to new skins. One thing that keeps people coming back is the continuous updates and improvements to the different game modes the game contains. I’m more than positive we all see it on Twiiter throughout the day when new skins arrive. People rave about buying the new skins and dances. That plagues the question: is Fortnite pay to win?

Is Fortnite Pay To Win?

This question has been in the back of everyone’s mind. If you buy skins or new emotes, do they improve your loot drops or your chances of winning?

After viewing this video, you can clearly see the sniper shot goes right between this Raven skin’s legs. Of course people responded saying it was clearly pure luck that the shot missed. Which is something that is very understandable. If you’ve played the game before we’ve experienced those “lucky” moments.

Should You Pay For New Skins and Emotes?

Even though we can see multiple videos and experiences through different Twitch streams. Buying the new skins and dances is completely up to you. There have been instances when default skins win games. Whether they are actually default skins or just pretending to be newbies, we’ll never know. Personally, I know people who do not have the battle pass or any skins that can dominate in Fortnite. There is an ongoing joke as well with popular Fortnite streamers, that they have what’s called “Streamer Loot”. It hasn’t been proven as a statistic that if you are Ninja or just a casual player that you’ll get worse loot than Ninja or better loot.

What do you guys think? Is Fortnite pay to win? Or is it just luck that gets you good loot drops and skill that gets you the wins? Let us know below in the comments!


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