Fortnite Patch v6.1 LEAKS: New SPIDER KNIGHT Skins, Emotes, Backpacks, Gliders & More!

Fortnite patch 6.1 leaks

The Fortnite v6.1 patch dropped this morning (October 16th) and has brought a multitude of new leaks from our dataminers! The Patch brought the new Quadcrusher ATV to the game, along with In-Game tournaments, which we leaked earlier this week, coming along soon. Check out the patch notes on Epic’s website.

Fortnite Skins Leaked in Patch v6.1

Spider KnightThey’ll fall into your web.
Rarity – Legendary
Cost – 2000 V-Bucks Part of the Arachnid set Fortnite Spider Knight Skin Leak

See the Spider Knight in-game!

ArachneWeave a web to victory.
Rarity – Legendary
Cost – 2000 V-Bucks Part of the Arachnid set Fortnite Arachne Skin Leak

See the Arachne skin in-game!

Guan Yu Loyalty and bravery at all times.
Rarity – Epic
Cost – 1500 V-Bucks Part of the Guan Yu set Fortnite Guan Yu Skin Leak

See the Guan Yu skin in-game!

Onesie Smash that snooze button.
Rarity – Rare
Cost – 1200 V-Bucks Fortnite Onesie Skin Leak

Fortnite Pickaxes Leaked in Patch v6.1

Web Breaker
Rarity – Epic
Cost – 1500 V-Bucks Part of the Arachnid set
fortnite leaked pickaxe web breaker

Rarity – Epic (Most likely)
Cost – 1500 V-Bucks Part of the Nite Coven set
fortnite leaked pickaxe moonrise

Side note: This pickaxe belongs to the Nite Coven set, released in the Battle Pass. It seems Fortnite are adding new items for sets in time for the Halloween season. We believe there is also a backpack for this set, which we are currently looking for.

Rarity – Rare
Cost – 800 V-Bucks Part of the Guan Yu set
fortnite leaked pickaxe guandao

Fortnite Gliders Leaked in Patch v6.1

Rarity – Epic (Most likely)
Cost – 1200 V-Bucks Part of the Arachnid set
Fortnite leaked glider hatchling

Divine Dragon
Rarity – Rare
Cost – 800 V-Bucks Part of the Guan Yu set
Fortnite leaked glider divine dragon

Fortnite Backpacks Leaked in Patch v6.1

Long Legs
Rarity – Legendary
Part of the Arachnid set, comes with Arachne.

Fortnite leaked long legs backpack

Spider Shield
Rarity – Legendary
Part of the Arachnid set, comes with Spider Knight.

fortnite leaked spider shielf backpack

Loyal Shield
Rarity – Epic
Part of the Guan Yu set, comes with Guan Yu.

Fortnite leaked loyal shield backpack

Fortnite Challenges Leaked in Patch v6.1

Our dataminers were busy all morning, looking for more leaks in the new patch. They found a challenge that is most likely to be implemented soon, as it has previously been reported. The challenge was set to be a quest in which players have to ring the doorbell of a house, during a game, of which an enemy is inside. The images below show Fortnite game files referring to ‘Doorbells’, Doorbell quests, sound etc.

fortnite doorbell challenge leak

These images almost confirm the challenge, however, follow us on Twitter to be informed if anything else is found!

Other Fornite Leaks in Patch v6.1

Another leak found by one of our dataminers shows a new van that was found after today’s patch. The van seems to be similar to the pre-existing Ice-cream vans in the game and has a Tomatohead theme. It is unknown why this has been added to the game, but it is most likely in tune with Fortnite’s new Tomato Temple Cup tournament.

fortnite new van leak

There is also a new, more subtle, location on the map to the East of Junk Junction. It seems Fortnite have built a racetrack for the newly added Quadcrusher.

fortnite new track 6.1

One final thing, rather than a leak, it has now appeared that the continually destroyed building in Tilted Towers is being fully demolished (again) for another rebuild! Many have speculated that it will be for a new Tomato Restaurant…

fortnite tilted towers rebuild


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