Fortnite Nintendo Switch Ruled Out With Recent Mobile Announcement?

Fortnite Nintendo Switch Ruled Out With Recent Mobile Announcement?

Fortnite seems to be a game that is indefinitely growing, and improving. Announcements that Fortnite would be coming to mobile and then cross play on Xbox were made. However, where does that leave the Fortnite Nintendo Switch compatibility?

If you are interested in signing up for the invite event to test Fortnite on iOS devices, you can do so here.

Fortnite Nintendo Switch compatibility out of the picture?

Nintendo had a big announcement for their newest game device. March 8th, at the Nintendo Direct 2018 event, they announced Super Smash Bros. was back! Nintendo Switch is known as a family friendly handheld gaming device. Majority of the games on Nintendo Switch are kid friendly. Part of the CoD community speculated that Black Ops 4 might make an appearance on Nintendo Switch, but that was ruled out after the teaser trailer came out. That plagues the question, what games will be coming to the Nintendo Switch? Did Epic Games contemplate bringing Fortnite over to the Nintendo Switch?

Is Fortnite kid friendly?

Since the Nintendo Switch brings titles to their fans that are kid friendly, would Fortnite be a good choice? Marcus Sellars, a journalist, is predicting Fortnite will come to the switch come the 3rd quarter of the year. He states that he has very good sources, but he also predicted Black Ops 4 would be coming to the Switch. The pre-orders on Amazon do not show an option to purchase on the Switch. Either way, Black Ops 4 is not kid friendly because of the graphics and blood. Even though Fortnite has a cartoon-ish feel and look, does that make the 3rd person shooter an okay game for children to play?

Do I think Epic Games should bring Fortnite to Nintendo Switch? I, 100%, do! I think there would be a lot of benefits for Epic to do so. They would be expanding their player base, and market to a whole new level of players. People want Fortnite Nintendo Switch, especially when you can carry a handheld console anywhere you go. Many people have not hesitated to express their opinions wanting Fortnite for the Switch.

Will Fortnite Mobile Takeover?

The iOS invite event launched early this morning, and there was a major turnout for the sign up launch. Some people have already received their codes along with the friend codes Epic is giving them for the test. Nobody has figured out the exact number of friend codes you receive for signing up for the test event. I signed up for the Fortnite test event, but still have not received an invite code to download the app. According to one online source, they said not to hold your breath for receiving any invite codes today. The Fortnite website did go down for maintenance for about 3 hours or so in the middle of the day. It took me quite a bit to actually get in and sign up for the event.

Fortnite’s website alerts users who are signing up, if they do not receive a code right away, not to worry. They will be rolling out invite codes throughout the year. I’m assuming after they do some testing with a steady group of people, and are able to support an absurd amount of users on mobile. They also did announce that mobile will strictly be opt-in if you want to play against PC players.

I’m not sure what the future holds for the battle royale game. I’m sure majority of the gaming community wants Fortnite to be accessible on all platforms.

Do you think Fortnite should be accessible for Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments below!

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