Fortnite Nintendo Switch Allegedly Leaked, Backed by Kotaku Sources

Fortnite Nintendo Switch - Battle Royale / Save the World

Fortnite will be making its way to Nintendo Switch, according to a leaked Nintendo E3 2018 document¬†and Kotaku’s own sources.

The document in question was posted to 4Chan this afternoon by someone who claimed to be part of the E3 showroom display planning. It featured marketing materials for the widely popular Fortnite, as well as Paladins, Dragon Ball Fighter Z, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, Killer Queen Black and Overcooked 2.

Fortnite Nintendo Switch - Nintendo E3 2018 Schedule LEAKED

Kotaku’s own anonymous sources later backed up this leaked document. Earlier this week Kotaku’s source told them that Fortnite would be coming to the Switch console, though Epic Games did not respond to a request for comment from Kotaku.

All of this is backed up further by an ad for a job at Iron Galaxy Studios, which mentioned Fortnite on the Switch, which of course ignited rumours of an upcoming port at the time. Iron Galaxy later edited the ad and tweeted that the post was poorly worded and that they had done some work on the mobile version of Fortnite Battle Royale.

As of yet it is uncertain which version of Fortnite will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, whether it will be the iconic and wildly popular Battle Royale Mode or its PvE mode Save The World, or perhaps even both.

It wouldn’t be the first Battle Royale game to be announced for Nintendo Switch though, with Black Riddles Studios having announced their own Battle Royale game “Crazy Justice” in late April.

With E3 mere weeks away now it won’t be long until we find out the truth behind Fortnite’s presence with Nintendo. We already know that 50 celebrities will be competing in a Pro-Amature team up at the event, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see Epic Games have a few more tricks up their sleeve for their now world-famous game.


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