Fortnite Meteors Are Striking Tilted Towers, Quite Literally

Fortnite Meteors Striking Tilted Towers

By now, we will have all seen and heard the rumors regarding the Fortnite Meteors and its impending strike on the Fortnite Battle Royale map. More recently, players will have seen actual meteors falling from the sky.

Fortnite Meteors Strike Tilted Towers

Twitter user @gustavoandresgs posted this video he captured using the Replay mode:

The video clearly shows the meteors hitting Tilted Towers. This is something we’ve all been anticipating for weeks… However, we can’t get our hopes up just yet. The meteor shown in this video is just one of many meteors that have been appearing across Fortnite Battle Royale.

The meteor showers have been falling down for the last week and a half in preparation for the end of Season 3.

Many theories have been floating around since the comet was first spotted. Avid fans of the game have been trying to figure out just where the meteor will eventually destroy. Most recent information has suggested that Dusty Depot will be the the place destroyed rather than Tilted Towers. Others are still adamant that all signs point to Tilted.

Apocalypse Impending?

Mini-meteors such as the one in the video above have been striking the island of Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode for the past week and a half – but these are only visual effects. No damage is inflicted on players who find themselves in the vicinity of the impact.

The more skilled players amongst us are more likely to have experienced the Fortnite meteors’ blasts first-hand, as more land as the storm closes in.

As many hints suggest, users are expecting meteors to create permanent damage to the map. Will this occur in-game with the possibility of damaging players and structures? Or will a surprise update alter the layout of points of interest upon loading?

With only two days left until Season 4, can we expect the Fortnite meteors to become more frequent?

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