FORTNITE LETTER Weekly Challenge Locations – Guide

fortnite letters weekly challenge

With Season 4 of Fortnite a few days in, the additions and changes have been warmly received. Along with a new topography, hidden lairs, multiple craters and the prospect of weekly dynamic map changes, we also have the return of weekly challenges. Weekly challenges are provided to all players with the Season 4 Battle Pass and add an extra fun purpose to a game we all already love to grind. The beauty of these weekly challenges is that it causes players to land in multiple locations, use weapons they may not usually consider and explore the map extensively. These weekly challenges are not attempted in vain as we are rewarded for our efforts. Whether this is a new loading screen, battle stars, experience points, or part of an armour set, there certainly is a lot of content to work for, already, in season 4. Throughout regular playtime, some challenges will seamlessly be completed, whereas others may require a more structured approach. That is where we can help you. In this article, we are providing you with an extensive guide to showcase all of the “FORTNITE LETTER weekly challenge locations”.

Of course, in order to complete this, you only need to go to 8 locations in total (one for each letter) but we will show you all 16. This means no matter where you land you will not be too far from a letter location.

This weekly letter challenge feels synonymous to the classic “collect skate” challenges in the Tony Hawks Pro Skater series, which, for many, was a staple game choice growing up. By following this guide you will not only complete one of the more time-consuming challenges but will also see some of the new areas added.

All 16 Fortnite Letter weekly challenge locations

Here is a rundown of all the 16 locations and then a numbered guide below, accompanied by images to show the exact letter location.

fortnite letter weekly challenge locations map

  1. Lucky landing – On top of the northern temple
  2. Moisty Mire – On a tree stump, in front of the green screen by fallen helicopter
  3. Race Tracks – East of the tracks, on the roof of the small hut surrounded by a triangle of trees.
  4. Lonely Lodge – On the roof of the new mansion just south of lonely lodge
  5. Wailing Woods – On the roof of the hut in centre or maze
  6. Risky Reels – In the hole of the broken sign
  7. Haunted Hills – North West side of the area, on top of a winged gargoyle
  8. Pleasant Park – On gazebo roof in the centre of the park
  9. Snobby Shore –┬áNorthernmost house on lampost outside the front of the property
  10. Greasy Grove – Jungle gym / Climbing Frame
  11. Tilted Towers – At the top of the clock tower
  12. Flush Factory – North of Flush factory, on the roof of new dancehall
  13. Salty Springs – East of the town, on top of the lookout/watchtower
  14. Shipping container – North of Retail row, climb to the top of crane/metal frame
  15. Anarchy Acres – on roof/wind dial of the main red barn
  16. Dusty Divot – on a power line/ electric pilon northeast of the main crater

Lucky Landing

This area of the map was added at the start of season 3 and has proven to be a popular landing location. This is probably due to its stunning oriental architecture and multiple level designs. The letter location can be found on the North East of the main town, at the temple building. Simply build up to the very top and it will be both audible and visible on the roof.

Lucky Landing Fortnite letter weekly challenge locations

Moisty Mire

One of the old areas which have seen a significant change as a result of Season 4. The surrounding is familiar but there is not a whole movie set in the centre. This region, it is rumoured, will also change every week throughout season 4, thus creating a fresh and dynamic play area. If you look for the main large green screen behind the crashed/fallen helicopter, there will be a tree stump. Again, by following the audio and visual cues you will find the next letter location.

Moisty Mires Fortnite letter weekly challenge locations

Race Tracks

Another prime location to collect those “hop rocks” within the crater, this area is on the far east side of the map. Almost equidistant between the race tracks and retail row there is a hut that is surrounded by a triangle of small pine trees. Upon the hut roof, you will find the next letter location.

Race Tracks Fortnite letter weekly challenge locations

Lonely Lodge

This next location is technically not in Lonely Lodge but is slightly south. Another addition as part of season 4 is this glorious mansion, which again by traversing to the roof you will discover another of the weekly Fortnite letter challenge locations.
Wailing Woods

This densely covered area provides both great resource gathering and also a slower style of combat. As players could be hiding behind any of the giant trees or within the central maze itself. This central feature is actually the next letter location, of which again on the roof of the centre wooden hut of the maze.

Lonely Lodge Fortnite letter weekly challenge locations

Risky Reels

Just North of wailing woods we have been given another named area, Risky Reels. This is a fun little “drive through” outdoor cinema area. As observed in the trailer of Season 4, one of the meteors burst through a projector/screen toward a rust lord character. The hole which was left in its wake is the next Fortnite letter weekly challenge location. You simply need to ramp up the opening and you will be greeted by another letter.

Risky Reels Fortnite letter weekly challenge locations

Haunted Hills

A personal favourite landing spot, this area has seen an increase in activity this week. This, of course, is primarily due to the “open seven chests in Haunted Hills” weekly challenge. If you run to the North West side of Haunted Hills you will see a winged gargoyle. This is a common chest spawn location and also the location for another letter as part of the Fortnite letter weekly challenge.

Haunted Hills Fortnite letter weekly challenge locations

Pleasant Park

In between the park and the football pitch, there is a small open wooden gazebo. The location is in the very centre of Pleasant Park, but be wary as almost every house in this location will be facing this point. Either clear the area first or attempt to retrieve the letter in duos or quad modes, just for that added protection. On the roof of this gazebo/hut, you will find another of the Fortnite letter weekly challenge locations.

Pleasant Park Fortnite letter weekly challenge locations

Snobby Shores

These five homes line the west coast of the island. Parallel to the newly added “Villains lair” the northernmost home is where to find the next of the Fortnite letter weekly challenge locations. A small black lampost is outside the front of this property, which is slightly too high to reach but can be easily accessed by at least 1 ramp. Here you will find the next letter.

Snobby Shores Fortnite letter weekly challenge locations

Greasy Grove

An iconic area with the classic burger joint and a small shops around. But the main area of interest for this article is the children’s play area in the north of this location. There are a set of children’s play pieces, and if you run toward the jungle/gym climbing frame you will see the next letter location. The play area letter location is easier due to the fact that building is not required to see or obtain the letter.

Greasy Grove Fortnite letter weekly challenge locations

Tilted Towers

The soaring structures and multi-layer lines of sight established Tilted Towers as the main landing place throughout most of Season 3. This area is perfect for most players who are attempting to achieve a high kill gameplay, both due to the high loot/chest locations and the sheer mass of players who populate it.

Although originally thought that it would be totally levelled by the meteor, only part of Tilted sustained damage, with ruins and partial towers still remaining. Also, luckily for us, the Clocktower is still intact. The reason being that this is the next letter location. At the very top of this clock tower you will find the next letter, but be cautious as not only are you highly visible but due to the altitude, if you fall you will take enough damage to possibly end your letter hunt prematurely.

Tilted Towers Fortnite letter weekly challenge locations

Flush Factory

This next of the Fortnite letter weekly challenge locations is not technically in Flush Factory. But rather at the factories that are found northeast. Another recent addition as part of season 4, we have been given a large dancehall finished with upper-level seating areas and a DJ booth. If you are busting some moves and cast your gaze upwards, you will see an arched glass roof, the next letter location is here. It may be easier to get this letter via building up onto the roof from the outside.

Flush Factory Fortnite letter weekly challenge locations

Salty Springs

Just to the left of Salty Springs is a wooden watchtower/lookout tower, at the very top of this is an additional location to find the letters. Salty is one of the few towns and still is a popular place to land due to its more central location. Also, without spoiling the fun, I suggest you and some friends start smashing the floor or a few homes. You may find a surprise!

Salty Springs Fortnite letter weekly challenge locations

Shipping Container

Slightly north of Retail Row, this shipping container area is perfect for people looking for a quiet start. With at least 7 possible chest spawn locations and vending machine, there is always the chance of leaving here with great loot. To find this one of the Fortnite letter weekly challenge locations, you will be required to balance. The letter is situated on the centre metal walkway of the crane/ metal frame. You can either build up here if you are in a hurry or carefully walk your way out to the very centre.

Shipping Container Fortnite letter weekly challenge locations

Anarchy Acres

With a decent distance between the main barns and the farmhouse, players often enter into some long-range combat or get picked off when moving around this area. Again, as advised with some other areas, make sure the coast is clear before you attempt to retrieve this letter. Out of the three main building you will need to build up to the very top of the Red Barn. On the roof, you will see a cockerel wind dial, which will have the letter hovering above its head.

Anarchy Acres Fortnite letter weekly challenge locations

Dusty Divot

The main landmark and talking point of season 4. Dusty Divot, formerly known as Dusty Depot, is the main impact site for this meteor. Tilted towers or lucky landing where part of many theories before now, but it later was leaked that indeed Dusty was the main target. Although other meteors and fallout have changed other notable regions, this new Dusty Divot is the most significant.

A huge crater now gapes in the terrain just south of dusty, leaving the tattered remains of 2 of the 3 previous bunkers. Littered with anti-gravity pop rocks the centre of the crater has a newly erected research centre. I assume this is to test and study the space rock that landed, forever changing the face of the Fortnite map.

Surrounding the actual crater there are some electricity pylons/ power lines, upon the one located to the northeast you will find the final location.

Dusty Divot Fortnite letter weekly challenge locations

As mentioned you will only need 8 out of these 16 locations in order to complete the Fortnite letter weekly challenge. As if this detailed guide was not enough, we also have a handy video which will show the exact locations and how to reach each letter. If there are any more letter locations you have discovered then feel free to let us know.


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