Fortnite Guide – How to Easily Obtain Tier 100 in Battle Royale Season 3

Fortnite Guide – How to Easily Obtain Tier 100 in Battle Royale Season 3

Fortnite’s V.3.0.0 dropped this Thursday with a huge list of patch notes. Fortnite Battle Royale Season 3 features new cosmetics, huge rewards and new weekly challenges. Find out how to easily obtain tier 100 in Battle Royale Season 3 and how to get the Dark Voyager and Reaper below.

A new way of achieving battle stars

In season 3, EPIC decided to step away from the dails and achieving battlestars now focuses on weekly challanges.

There are two types of challanges, the free ones and the paied ones which are both offering challanges ranging between 5 and 10 battlestars in reward.

This week’s challenges focus on doing damage and visiting different locations around the map.

The free challenges

Most free challanges are completed just by playing the game, the most unique one requiers you to land at ten different, named, locations.

To easily complete this challange, you have to use a jump pad to land in places like Tomato Town.

The paid challenges

The paid challanges are much more unique than the free ones, they requier you to think more (or you can just look up a guide like this one).

Deal 500 damage with pistols: This one is easily done by using pistols in the early game to rack up some damage.

Search 7 chests at Pleasant Park: Jump to Pleasant, even if the bus is on the opposite of the map, you want to get these ones done quickly.

Revieve teammates 5 times: This one is easy, grab a buddie and tell him to jump off a cliff for 5 times and always revieve him.

Visit a llama, a fox and a crab: The llama is at Junk Juncktion, the fox at Wailing Woods and the crab is at Moisty Mire.

Just go to them, there’s even some loot!

Follow Dusty Depot’s tresure map: You need to visit the houses next to the big wooden chair south of Shifty Shafts. This challenge also requires you to break a very specific tree in order to get the challenge completed.

Look around the trees and you will encounter a golden star that spawns out of the ground, just collect it and you are done.

There are two more challanges, eliminate two people with sniper rifles and eliminate 3 people at Fatal Fields.

Receive the Reaper (John Wick)

To recive the new John Wick skin, do all the weekly and daily challanges and if you’re consistent you will be able to show off your cool new skins to everyone.

We will update you next week on the new weekly challanges, stay tuned!


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