Fortnite Cross Platform – PS4, Xbox One & PC Cross-Play in the Future?

Fortnite Cross Platform - PS4, Xbox One & PC Cross-Play in the Future?

Fortnite continues to be a hot topic because it is such a good game, and continues to bring more to the table. Epic Games has focused a great deal of time utilizing the feedback they receive across all social media platforms. Reddit is the most popular form to give Epic Games feedback. They are aware of the Fortnite bugs and issues that need to be fixed. A topic that seems to come up often is the ability to play cross-platform. Fortnite cross platform play is available to PC/PS4 players. Xbox does not have the ability to connect with PC players. Can Epic bring the Fortnite Cross Platform to Xbox in the near future?

Fortnite Cross Platform Play:

The best method known for being able to take advantage of Fortnite Cross Play is to link your PSN account to your Epic Games account. When you first download the Battle Royale, and load into the game, a sign in screen will appear. At this point you decide whether you want to make an Epic Games account or not. You can choose not to you, and simply make an Epic account via their website at a later time. If you do not have an Epic Games account feel free to make one, you can find the website link here. After creating an account you navigate to the connected accounts page, then connect your PSN / XBOX Gamertag.

Fortnite Connecting Accounts

Having trouble connecting your accounts, or prefer to visually complete each step? The video below shows how to link your accounts, the tutorial was made by Sami Glitch:

Fornite Cross Platform Not Supported on Xbox:

The cross platform play seems to only be supported by PS4 and PC at the moment. To our knowledge, not even Xbox and PC players can link up, although there have been multiple YouTube videos showing otherwise. I did try some of these methods before writing this article, and they did not seem to work. I could not connect my Microsoft account in Epic’s connected accounts page. An error saying that I already had my Microsoft account linked to a different account would occur.

Epic Games specifies in the Fortnite FAQ’s page that there is no cross play, but only cross progression. This statement seems to be mildly inaccurate, as I have played with my friends on PC from my PS4. Many people are hoping that they bring the ability for cross-play to all platforms – Xbox, PS4 and PC. Epic Games has not touched base on whether or not they will bring the feature to Xbox player, but one can only dream. As I’ve said before, Fortnite continues to grow into an amazing game. The community is constantly excited about the updates and minor improvements that are made to the game.

What are your thoughts and opinions about cross-play on all platforms. Would it be something that improves the game or would it hinder experiences? Let us know in the comments what you think should be done.

Source: Epic Games


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