Fortnite Comet May Not Actually Have Anything to Do with Tilted Towers


So we’ve all heard the rumors about the Fortnite Comet. Apparently, there is going to be a comet introduced into Fortnite that will destroy many fan’s favourite place, Tilted Towers and leave a wasteland of some sort in its place. Some even suggest that there will be a new POI added in the place of Titled Towers under the name of “Captive Castle”.

However, latest information regarding this Fortnite Comet in game files has just surfaced. Twitter user @TwoEpicBuddies posted a picture of recent game files stating “A new mode is in the game files! Impact! Only solo and probably has something to do with the comet!”

Impact Fortnite Comet Game Files

Of course, this is just speculation but with the new Solo Mode being called “Fortnite Impact” there is a high chance it could be related. Comets cause a lot of ‘impact’ when they hit so could this LTM be a post-apocalyptic setting?

The rumors surrounding the destruction of Tilted Towers emerged when players noticed the Fortnite Comet in the sky which appeared to lead straight towards the most popular place on the map. One Twitter user compared the Fornite Battle Royale Map to a map of Poland and noticed the location of Tilted is in the same place as Poznan… which was hit by a meteor in 2015. However, this link is rather questionable as why would Epic Games, an American based company, care – or go to so much effort – to make their map a replica of Poland? Maybe it’s just a coincidence or maybe it’s part of some bigger storyline that will unfold as the Seasons continue. Regardless, there is no concrete evidence that shows that the comet willl hit Tilted, just that there will be comets.

All we know so far is that the Impact mode is most likely related to the Fortnite Comet rumors and that it will be a Solo Game Mode.


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