Fortnite China Has Arrived with a Bizarre, New LTM Called ‘Airborne Action’

Fortnite China Airborne Action LTM

Fortnite continues to take the world by storm, pun intended. Whether you enjoy Fortnite or not, you’ve heard of the game before. If you’ve heard of the game, chances are you’ve checked out the LTMs (limited time modes) that they introduce. The latest was the Solo Showdown that took place from July 27th to July 30th. Playground is back as well. Players had requested playground for months and it was just as fun as people predicted it would be. Epic Games has not been shy with updates or LTMs for their player base to enjoy. Now, we’ve discovered a LTM that may only be available in China at the moment. It seems as though Fortnite China has come out with a LTM called Airborne Action.

Fortnite China LTM: Airborne Action

We do not know the parameters for this game mode that has been leaked from Twitter user Sudanym. So what is this LTM? We’re not exactly sure, but the leaked image has 5 winners shown at the end of the game. The exact tweet that showcased this new LTM is below:

Shortly after discovering this game mode the same Twitter user said that these wins do count towards your statistics.

This user was also kind enough to tweet a translation of the new LTM.

Fortnite China

This does not indicate that the final fights will be in the air or with gliders. Which seems a bit disappointing, but the LTM seems interesting enough.

Will Airborne Action be released outside of Fortnite China?

So far from what has been leaked, there is no indication of Airborn Action being released on All servers. It looks like Fortnite China will be having the fun with this LTM. Although it would be cool to see the concept of this game mode in action. Sudanym clarifies on Twitter that this LTM is only available on WeGame servers. Apparently, there are very little people on those servers because one tweet states:

“The past 5 chinese matches I have played have under 25 members in them lol”

Whether or not this LTM is released on all Fortnite servers, one thing remains constant. People want the old Fortnite music back. Apparently, Epic Games has hinted at the return of the old music.

Would you like to see this LTM on your server? Let us know by commenting on the article below!


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