Fortnite Battle Royale Top Issues & Bugs to Be Fixed

Fortnite Battle Royale Top Issues & Bugs to Be Fixed

With every Fortnite patch we can always expect new bugs to come along with it. With the newest patch came a lot of improvements all around, but also came with quite a few bugs. To start the list we had wins not counting in squads, which is a huge problem! With wins being the goal of the game, wins not counting was a very large disappointment. Luckily this has been fixed, but during the period of a couple days the wins some got didn’t count and won’t be added to the players win record. Find out the Fortnite Battle Royale Top Issues and Bugs to be fixed below.

Fortnite Battle Royale Top Issues & Bugs to Be Fixed:

  • Crouching has been a problem with switching to “Building Mode” some that have crouched have ended up stuck crouched.
  • People haven’t been able to hear gun sounds.
  • Hit markers also seem to not be appearing.
  • Items have been going invisible.
  • Windowed Mode, has caused some people when firing their gun to exit the game window.
  • Projectiles have been invisible for some.
  • When playing Squads if you’ve had an annoying teammate or want to mute people because you’re in Discord. You haven’t been able to, because they haven’t shown up with hitting the (ESC) button.
  • Falling under the map at Haunted Hills.
  • Items disappearing when swapping them out.
  • Inventory saying it’s full when not.
  • Mouse cursor not appearing.
  • V-Bucks not being rewarded from Battle Pass.
  • People haven’t been able to equip or use shotguns early game.
  • Many have been complaining of serve server lag almost to the point Fortnite is unplayable, Fortnite did say they released a patch to fix it, but some are still experiencing high ping.

This is only a list of the top bugs people have been experiencing, we’re sure many others are still out there. If you have been experiencing a bug, head over to the Fornite Reddit.


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