Fortnite Battle Royale: Tips & Tricks To Improve Your Game!

Fortnite Tips & Tricks

Everyone is hooked on Fortnite Battle Royale. From friends to family members to even classmates, Epic Game’s free Battle Royale game mode has allowed everyone to join in on the fun. It has also allowed gamers, competitive and non-competitive to come together to accomplish the same goal, to win the Battle Royale game mode which includes up to 100 players. Here are some tips and tricks, from basic to more advanced to help all types of gamers become better at this increasingly popular game mode.

Wear a Headset:

The first tip to become a better Fornite player is not an in-game feature. However, having a headset is key due to the fact that it allows you to hear the footsteps of enemies and the direction they could potentially be coming from. It also allows you to recognize if an enemy is in the same building as you. Simply knowing that there are enemies around you by listening to footsteps allows players to become more aware and take a more cautious approach when knowing enemies are around

Know your loadout:

The second tip is to know your loadout. Fortnite Battle Royale gives players the option to hold a pickaxe, alongside five weapons/items of their choice. When getting into a gunfight, it is essential that a player knows how to quickly navigate through their weapons so that they can quickly switch to the weapon that is desired. On top of this, know what weapons work and don’t work for you. This comes with time as players learn what weapons they work well with and which weapons do not. Do you work well with the Tactical Shotgun, Heavy Shotgun, or Pump Shotgun? Do you prefer the Bolt-action Sniper Rifle or the Grenade Launcher? These are questions that every player answers differently. Lastly, as part of loadouts, it is a pretty good idea to keep some sort of healing item on you at all times. Having healing items reassure players that if they get into a fight with an enemy, the damage they take will play a reduced role in their next fight with an enemy.

Building is your best friend:

Building does not necessarily mean to build a full building and to hide in it the whole game. Creating a simple building which is simply a ramp with a wall in front of it is good enough to win gunfights in certain situations. However, learning to build fast is often times the difference between life and death. Building allows you to take cover from enemies while healing, or to simply gain an advantage, which brings me to the next point. No matter what platform Fortnite is played on, you will run into players that will build against you to gain a height advantage. Height advantages are important as they allow you to see the player with your camera while preventing the enemy from seeing you. Having a height advantage over an opponent plays a huge role in determining who will win.

Keep an Eye on the storm:

One mistake that new players often make is forgetting that the storm even exists. The storm either kills them or takes off a large amount of their health, which is ultimately the reason they die. To avoid this problem, it’s a good idea to land in an area that is not close to the edge of the map or to start running towards the circle before it even starts to move. This ensures that there is a higher chance you won’t get into a gunfight while in the storm, and also allows you to predict the general location of players as they will be moving towards the circle. Sometimes, you can even pick off players running towards the circle if you are already in it since they are at a disadvantage.

Pick and Choose your battles:

It is not always about kills if it means you die after taking out your fifth opponent. Sometimes waiting for the right moment to catch an enemy off guard instead of taking an opponent head-on is the right thing to do. Sometimes healing and shielding up before taking on two opponents is the right thing to do. Sometimes, avoiding the fight and running away is the right to do. Picking and choosing battles are what allow players to come out on top in the end, especially when players have low health. One specific action which many competitive players do is that they build a structure to protect them mid-battle and use mini-shields quickly when they take damage so that they have a better chance of winning that fight. Picking and choosing when to engage the enemy is what can make it or break it for you.

With practice, these tips and tricks can be incorporated into every game that players play. Following these tips not only allows players to have a higher chance of winning Fortnite Battle Royale, but a better chance of taking out some of the best players in the world such as Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, and “TSM Myth”, who not only incorporate many of the tips discussed but have them down to perfection.


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