Fortnite Battle Royale Season 4 Blockbuster Skin

fortnite blockbuster skin

With Week 7 of Season 4 in Fortnite well underway, many players are only a few steps from Unlocking the new Blockbuster skin. For those that are unaware, the Blockbuster skin is a hidden character outfit in the game, that is locked behind a set of challenges. Available for all Season 4 Battle Pass holders, players need to complete any 7 weeks worth of weekly challenges. There are 10 possible weeks worth of challenges of which can be completed at any time.

Blockbuster skin week 7

Given that we are now in week 7, for those that have completed the previous weeks, you only need to finish this week’s challenges (Week 7). Here is a useful guide to help you in your process. The hardest challenge by far this week is to collect 7 chests in Risky Reels. The only advice I can give would be to keep diving early to land just there, stick to a few chest locations and race other players for the glowing, golden treasure. Although tedious, players will achieve this with patience and perseverance.

Blockbuster Skin and Backpack

Upon completion, you will finally unlock the Blockbuster skin. Along with the early leak of week 7 challenges, the skin itself was already found within in-game files and assets. Although this was not able to be fully confirmed until yesterday morning (week 7 update), the images and details released appear to have been accurate.

 The official Blockbuster outfit can be seen below and features a rather futuristic looking space/army suit. Complete with a digital screen helmet, there is also a never seen before feature included. This being the ability to change the digital face display between one of four preset configurations.

Blockbuster skin outfit

In addition to this stunning Blockbuster skin that is certainly worth the grind, you will also unlock a brand new backpack. Since the start of Season 4, we have known that Epic games would heavily be focusing on the whole superhero and villain theme. Due to the lack of creative back bling in the form of capes, many players felt an opportunity was missed. But all the while, a backpack in the form of a cape was something Epic Games had hidden away. The new rustic metal backpack with a cape underneath really finishes off the complete Blockbuster skin and the whole outfit. 

Blockbuster skin backpack

Blockbuster Skin Loading Screen

Every week that you successfully complete the required challenges, players unlock a unique loading screen. The loading screen will display a narrative-driven image, which not only aids in telling the story of Season 4 but also will reveal a location. The location, possibly implied or hidden in coordinates in the image, will lead players to a secret battle star. The star itself is only available once that weeks challenges are complete, but will grant the person who finds it an extra load of battle points. This indeed seems like a lot of treats for us and Epic games seem to keep us entertained with every Season we enter. And as we approach the final month of Season 4, we may start to see secret which indicates what we can expect in the upcoming Season 5.

Blockbuster skin loading screen


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