Fortnite Battle Royale New Meta – The Next Alternative to ‘Double Pumping’

Fortnite Battle Royale New Meta

Fortnite Battle Royale Season 3 is Now Live along with a completely new update. Fortnite Version V.3.0.0 included the double pump nerf, making it so every time you switch it to another pump shotgun you have an animation. The question is what will be the New Fortnite Battle Royale Meta and what alternatives do we have for ‘double pumping?’

Fortnite Meta Options:

  • Pump and Tactical Shotgun: With this meta you can still use two shotguns and not worry as much about the animation. But the shots of the Tactical Shotgun can be very weak at times. We’ve all had an experience where we got a head shot and only dealt 6 damage.
  • Pump Shotgun and Tactical SMG: In this combination you have the power of the Pump Shotgun and the raw fire power of the Tactical SMG. Since they removed the plain SMG they increased the fire rate and the magazine of the Tactical SMG. Doing this combination makes it so you can get that first hit then shred the rest of the enemies life away with the Tactical SMG or shred the shield away and switch to the pump to finish them off.
  • Tactical SMG: Many have been running around with just the Tactical SMG choosing it over a shotgun. If you have watched some of the streams on Twitch you’ve seen streamers just destroying people with just this gun alone. It only deals 17 damage and 40 for a crit since they upped the fire rate and added more bullets to a magazine it shoots so fast their shields are gone and you’ve won the fight before they even think of pulling another gun out. It also shreds through player built walls fast also, so even if they build its gone before they know it.
  • Tactical Shotgun and Tactical Shotgun: Using this provides a HUGE amount of firepower extremely fast. All you have to do is hold down your fire button and keep switching and you’ll  empty your clips before you know it.
  • The Hand Cannons: With the new patch came The Hand Cannon an extremely power pistol that takes heavy bullets. Clips have been posted everywhere and streamers have been trying using the Hand Cannon to switch back and forth with. The results so far have been a huge success with shots dealing 187 damage to the head shot and 78 damage to the body.

The only thing we can do now is wait and see what Fortnite Meta takes over the old with the nerf of the double pump. We just have to hope that the new meta won’t be as controversial as the double pump.


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