Fortnite Battle Royale Mobile Matchmaking is “Opt in”

Fortnite on Mobile Opt In

We recently reported that Fortnite Battle Royale is coming to mobile with iOS and eventually Android. A huge feature to this was the cross platform play between PS4, PC, Mac, iOS & Android. The overwhelming consensus in the community of gaming in general is that PC players have a big advantage. This was concerning given that the cross-platform player may create a big pool of disadvantaged players in one games purely through the platform they’re using.

Fortunately, to some extent this has been cleared up by tweets from Nick Chester who is a PR manager at Epic Games.

Having this option is good for mobile players, it means they won’t involuntarily be at a disadvantage. Having the option of cross platform play is interesting and a challenge but it still doesn’t quite make sense why someone would put themselves at a huge disadvantage with awkward controls, compared to a keyboard and mouse.

It would be interesting if they will cap the amount of mobile players in one game, as it could make the task of a PC player winning a Battle Royale a whole lot easier. What are your thoughts on this? Leave a comment below.


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