Fortnite Battle Royale: “Breaking” News of the Meteor in the sky!

Fortnite Battle Royale Meteor Comet Spacecraft

Yesterday as players looked up in the skies of Fortnite’s Battle Royale, they noticed some rather unusual things, aside from this season’s meteor. This was first pointed out by Reddit user Niels_Kooloos. An object that strongly resembles a classically shaped alien space craft.

Quickly, many players started pointing out hearts that were also floating down from the sky. Interestingly enough, this all seemed to fit exactly in line with my original theory that I had posted on Reddit on April 18th (as well as on some big youtube channels) and was thankfully made popular by Reddit user jjbennett2000 on April 19th, when he found my comment on a youtube channel and shared it— skyrocketing it to the front page of Reddit.

The theory in a nutshell was simple: the object in the sky was in fact a spacecraft, which was something that was explained while playing Save The World, as it has the exact same object in the sky; and it’s landing at the end of the season. I additionally go on to theorize that the target is in fact Lucky Landing, as it was a seasonal event location for Chinese New Years, and would be replaced with a new alien themed location— along with all the treasure towers.

There was just one glaring problem with that theory yesterday— the comet was still in the sky. Combining that with the signs atop the building in Tilted Towers was sending very strong mixed signals. Was Tilted Towers still a target after all? Amongst those signs was one that read “tomorrow,” so again having players everywhere setting their doomsday clocks…

Well if we take a look up at sky today, it’s pretty easy to see that the comet has passed the Battle Royale island, and Titled Towers are still standing strong.

Few questions remain: could these hearts be the pieces that crash and replace the treasure towers that are scattered around the map? Or are these just signs that “they” come in peace and will float on into space with that comet? time will tell. 



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