Fortnite 50 VS 50 V2 Release Date & What To Expect

Fortnite 50 VS 50 V2 Release Date & What To Expect

Epic Games has been giving us a range of different LTMs (Limited Time Modes), one of the biggest was 50 VS 50 which although was a very popular mode it had some key features missing. Epic Games updated their in-game news feed on April 10th which featured the new 50 VS 50 v2 LTM. Fortnite 50 VS 50 V2 Release Date will be next week, so we’ve looked into everything you can expect.

The description reads “Back and better than ever! Two team of 50 battle it out with two buses, increased loot spawns, and massive forts.”

The LTM was expected to release with update v3.5.0 but due to issues Epic Games had to shutdown the servers for a whole day. This mainly caused a lot of upset players, but more importantly it made the LTM be pushed back until next week.

State of Development v4

Epic Games mention 50 VS 50 v2 in their State of Development v4 which was posted earlier this year. Fortnite said we can expect the following from v2:

  • Closer to the 50 VS 50 trailer experience
  • Split to start
  • Coverage on Battle
  • Bus for each Team
  • See all your squadmates on the map
  • More supply drops

Here are some changes that we have already seen in other LTMs:

See all your squadmates on the map: A key feature which was missing was when you couldn’t see your squadmates until you landed, this meaning you wouldn’t know if anyone from your team landed at the same location as you. Epic Games seem to have fixed this with 4 teams of 25, we can expect the same for 50 VS 50 v2.

More supply drops: With 50 or so players running together it was unlikely you were going to get first pick out of supply drops, once someone found one everyone was trying to build bases on bases to be the first to open it. Epic Games have seemed to noticed and have done this in 4 teams of 25.

Epic Games got a lot of feedback on the first 50 VS 50 LTM, most of the negative were that no one ever saw big forts or big battles and that players weren’t getting the full experience, the major idea around 50 VS 50 is that there are big teams. Which separates those lonely times in solo mode where you can’t find anyone.

Epic games has describe the new 50 VS 50 mode as whole new mode that will have big improvements, giving us the impression that 50 VS 50 v2 is going to be filling in all those empty holes that were in the first 50 VS 50 LTM.


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