Epic Games to Release Fortnite Season 6 Teasers Beginning of Next Week

Epic Games to Release Fortnite Season 6 Teasers Beginning of Next Week

With Season 5 coming to a close, Epic Games will begin to release new teasers for Fortnite Season 6, beginning next week. What could be in store for Fortnite Battle Royale next?

Fortnite Season 6

Season 6 is due to drop on the 27th September (which means you have less than a week to tier up!).

There are many theories circulating around what Season 6 could hold. Season 5 brought a lot of changes. There was the addition of the Viking Ship, Tomato Temple, Dusty Diner and more. Possibly the biggest thing that Season 5 brought us was the Cube.

As many will know, the Cube started in the newer Desert part of the map. It then made its way around the map in a circle, leaving runes and anti-gravity fields as it did so. Finally, the Cube made its way onto Loot Lake where it eventually ‘melted’ and spread over the entire lake. The lake turned purple, like the cube, and now has the same bouncy-ness to it as the top of the cube had.

So, many people have speculated that Loot Lake will be the first thing to go at the start of the new season. As an OG Point of Interest that is vastly underused – this wouldn’t be a surprise. The best part about Fortnite is the fact that the map is always changing and this part is definitely in need of an upgrade.

There are theories that we could see a knight and castle theme coming to the next season. Images of a castle were seen in the background of an emote preview posted by the official Fortnite twitter account. This led many to think that we would at least be seeing a castle point of interest added to the game.

We only have a few more days until the secrets of Season 6 are revealed. What do you think we will see this season? Let us know at @FortniteBattle on Twitter.


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