Epic Game’s Monthly Earnings from Fortnite Will Truly Scare You

Fortnite Earnings

We all know the growing success of Fortnite, but have you thought about how Epic Games actually makes money from the free-to-play Battle Royale game, since its release in July 2017? Surely a free game can’t be making enough money to sustain itself for as long as Fornite has. Recent reports show just how much money Epic Games are making from the popular Battle Royale game. Trust me, the results will not be what you expect.

The Figures

Reports tweeted from the SuperData account have surfaced that suggest that Fortnite Mobile alone makes over $1 million a day in micro-transactions. Another source states that the mobile game has gained Epic Games an extra $25 million in the first month on mobile and suggests that this figure could surpass $500 million should they release the game on Google Play any time soon.

More reports state that Fornite has actually surpassed their chief competitor PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG) in sales. In February alone, Fortnite made $126 million across all platforms (PC, Xbox, PS4, and Mobile) whereas PUBG made $103 million and is only available on PC, Xbox and recently Mobile.

Where do Epic Games get their money from?

Players have the option to purchase many aesthetic features for their characters from different skins such as the new Fortnite Tomatohead, the punky Power Chord and holiday-related skins such as the Love Ranger. Skins can cost anything from 800 V-Bucks (the in-game currency) to 2,000 V-Bucks.

Other accessories include variations of the pickaxe and the many different emotes and dances you can do, including Rocket Rodeo, the Electro Shuffle, and the Carlton Dance.

Of course, players can buy the Battle Pass every month to gain them access to extra skins. It also adds extra challenges to keep the game interesting. There is even an option to purchase extra tiers on the Battle Pass if you’re really eager for a specific skin / emote etc.

If you’re wanting to buy V-Bucks, here’s what you’re looking at:

1,000 V-Bucks: $9.99
2,500 V-Bucks (+300 Bonus): $24.99
6,000 V-Bucks (+1,500 Bonus): $59.99
10,000 V-Bucks (+3,500 Bonus) $99.99

What are other factors at play?

Many players eagerly follow the storyline in the game’s Save the World player vs environment (PvE) option which is $40 up front. If you incorporate those figures, you can easily imagine how they’re managing to make so much money in such a short space of time.

Popular Twitch streamers, such as Ninja, are always up-to-date with latest skins. By using those skins on-stream it allows people to see what a specific skin looks like, which could very well be a convincing factor for them purchasing the skin themselves. Also, many people idolise the Twitch players and so aspire to be like them in every way.

The fact that Battle Royale is free-to-play is a huge draw as well, compared to PUBG. For some, spending $10 for 10 weeks worth of content is worth it. Especially when compared to games that cost upwards of $50 and still have microtransactions built into the game.

We at GamingINTEL are eager to keep up to date with Epic Games and their Fortnite adventure. Can they become a billion dollar company by the end of the year? If they keep up the current rate of success that could very well become a reality.


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