Epic Games Potentially Hint at Old Fortnite Music to Make a Return

Fortnite Old Music to return?

Epic Games have hinted that the old Fortnite music may make a return to the game. The music that was played on the home screen changed around about Season 3. However, many think that the old music will come back.

Old Fortnite Music

At the end of the Epic Games organised tournament, Summer Skirmish, there were hints of the old music coming back. Displayed on the stream was a ‘Thanks for Watching’ screen. In the background, the old Fortnite music was playing – but with a twist.

Epic putting a new twist on the old music at the end of the Summer Skirmish stream. Is it making a comeback? from r/FortNiteBR

The music seems to be slightly slower with a beat added to it. Many fans think that the music could be returning to the game. Although, it may not even be until Season 6 that Epic Games re-introduce it to the game.

Many original players of the game have been requesting that the music be brought back. If Epic were to introduce this version it would still appease the OG players as well as bringing something new for newer players.

However, some people are not happy with the twist on the old music. Those that have been asking for the old music really mean that they want theĀ old music – not something slightly similar. Having such a wide range of players definitely makes it hard to please all.

Recent Changes

A recent video posted by the developers of the Battle Royale game show some new changes that will be introduced into the game very soon. After many complaints that the new Compact SMG is over-powered, developers have nerfed the weapon to make sure that it will still be a close-range combat weapon. SMGs are supposed to be an alternative to the shotgun which requires precision to cause damage. However, many players have noted that the SMG has a much further firing range than what was expected.

As Epic Games always listen to the community feedback, they have also reduced the rate of drop for the remote explosives and limiting stacking sizes. Another change is that the Guided Missile will return! Though it will have definite differences. It will be used more as a scouting tool rather than a highly destructive weapon.

What other items do you want Epic Games to bring back?


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