Epic Games Announce New Fortnite Stormwings Nerf

Fortnite Stormwings Nerf

The release of Fortnite Season 7 introduced the addition of Stormwings to the game. These are planes on the map which can allow players to take to the skies and obliterate their opponents. However, with the recent announcement of a Fortnite Stormwing nerf by Epic Games, players may experience a significant change with the new aspect.

These airplanes add a lot of mobility and destructive capacity because of their turrets and turbo, which can break structures very easy.

Since the planes appeared on the map, some players began to question their power. Within the community, many users had been asking for a nerf on Fortnite Stormwings. Fans have been experiencing great difficultly when attempting to kill the pilot.

Therefore, Eric Williamson, Design Leader of Fortnite, announced a nerf for these vehicles.

“Yes, we’ve discussed a small amount of damage to passengers when a plane is destroyed. Still determining what amount feels fair.”

This change became a reality in patch v7.01, although players are asking for more changes. That’s why Sean Hamilton (aka MrPopoTFS) has reassured the community by announcing a new nerf.

The user @Surpeme_icon10 asked if they could increase the damage the plane does to passengers by blowing up. Then, Sean announced the change.

 “Going to 35 dmg in v7.10

Update: Turns out it just got changed to 50 in v7.10″

Announced nerf to the Stormwings

The airplanes also had their controversy in the Winter Royale of NA. Some players were in the air longer than normal, trying to survive as long as possible. For example, the well-known streamer TSM_Myth, was quite annoyed with the way in which Epic Games faces the Esports in the Winter Royale of NA.

If you join the Infinity Blade with the airplanes, it becomes unplayable for the rest of players (a player got 17 kills in a Winter Royale game with the sword).

We hope that Epic Games will be able to regulate the planes to have a more balanced meta.

Whatever happens, one thing is clear: all the items that Epic Games adds to the game are embroiled in controversy.


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