Fortnite Season 5, Week 7 Challenges LEAKED | v5.30 Coming Soon

Fortnite Season 5, Week 7 Challenges | v5.30 Update

The Fortnite Season 5, Week 7 challenges have been leaked. The official Fortnite account tweeted out that the Challenges would be available from the 24th August (Friday). However, they have been leaked ahead of time. Furthermore, the v5.30 update will now be released on 23rd August (Thursday) instead of today.

Fortnite Season 5, Week 7 Challenges

Free Challenges
  • Visit the centre of named locations in a single match – 0/4
  • Search Supply Drops – 0/3
  • SMG Eliminations – 0/3
Battle Pass Challenges
  • Deal Headshot Damage to Opponents – 0/500
  • Search Chests in Lucky Landing – 0/7
  • Follow the Treasure Map found in Pleasant Park [HARD] – 0/1
  • Eliminate Opponents in Lazy Links – 0/3

The challenges for this week don’t appear to be too difficult. Visiting the centre of named locations can be quite easy if you land somewhere that is off the main Party Bus route. Four named locations in a row will probably be most achievable on the West side of the map where the locations are more clustered.

Furthermore, SMG eliminations shouldn’t be too hard to do. They are quite a common weapon (except the Compact SMG which is a bit rarer). But overall, you should be able to find yourself an SMG within the first few weapons upon landing. The harder part is eliminating players with them!

The supply drop challenge may be the hardest one of the week. Finding supply drops isn’t the hard part… Getting to them before someone else does or before you get attacked is where things start to go wrong. As supply drops are so easily visible, you’d have to be in a pretty remote place to be able to search one fully unscathed. That being said, it doesn’t specify that you have to search all 3 in one game which makes this challenge a little easier.

The Battle Pass challenges are all pretty standard. Searching chests and eliminating opponents in specific locations should be rather easy to do – just wait until the end of the week before you try to avoid overload!

Fortnite v5.30 Update

Usually, the content updates are mid-week. In addition to this, the new challenges tend to come out on a Thursday, too. However, this week Epic Games have pushed both of these dates forward.

Is there any particular reason why they could have pushed it forward? As it is coming towards the end of the Season, with only 3 weeks left, it could be due to some big changes.

What could be in store for Season 6? And are Epic already planning on making changes in preparation for it?


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