Data Miners Suggest Something Could Be Happening in Fortnite Battle Royale on August 21st

Fortnite Battle Royale - August 21st - Rift Shrinking

Data miners have found a line of code within Fortnite Battle Royale that suggests something could be happening on August 21st. It could potentially be a big event similar to the rocket launch.

August 21st

The line of code says:

  • activeUntil=2018-08-21T16:00:00
  • eventType=eventFlag.BR_S5_Rift_Shrink

This shows that something in the game will be active until August 21st at 4pm. The line of code underneath suggests that it will be an event related to Season 5. The last part shows that there will be a ‘Rift Shrink’.

The main storyline for Season 5 was that the rocket launch at the end of Season 4 created rifts throughout the Fortnite universe. The rifts can be used in Battle Royale to send the player back into the sky, which is handy when escaping enemies.

However, the rocket caused a bigger rift to be seen in the sky of the Fortnite universe. This caused items from history, such as the new Viking ship location, to appear on the map. Data mined info suggests that this rift will be closing. Or, at the very least, shrinking.


There are a couple of theories surrounding what the rift closing / shrinking could mean. According to one Twitter user, @iPugsieHD, has suggested that the ‘traveller’ could close all the portals. The traveller being the character who apparently ‘saved’ Tilted Towers (amongst other locations) by using Hop Rock energy to teleport them to safety during the meteor shower in Season 4.

However, the data leak is still pretty recent meaning there are not many other theories. The only thing that seems definite is that something will come to an end on August 21st, potentially at 4pm. It could well be a live event – like the rocket launch was.

Bear in mind that Season 5 does not end until at least September. So, this means that the event may not be groundbreaking but it may potentially be a signifier for the next season.

What do you think will happen on August 21st?



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