Fortnite Could Potentially Receive a Special In-Game Event to Celebrate Its One Year Anniversary, Here’s Why

Fortnite One Year Anniversary Event

Fortnite’s one year anniversary is coming up very soon. On the 25th July it will have been exactly one year since the game was released. Leaks have been found online that suggest there could be in-game event to commemorate the occasion.

Anniversary In-Game Event

Data miners have found lines of code from game files which suggest there will be a real time event to mark the first birthday of Fortnite. Under a folder titled ‘Aircraft’ is another sub-folder entitled ‘PartyBus_Birthday’. This is a very clear hint that there will be a special anniversary themed Party Bus in-game, at the very least.

Under the ‘Enviroments’ and ‘Blueprints’ subfolders there is a code labelled as ‘BP_Fireworks_Celebration’ and ‘BP_Fireworks_EVENT’. Evidently there is going to be something special coming our way for the one year anniversary. So far it appears there will definitely be fireworks and a change of party bus decor.

One Year of Fortnite

According to the developers at Epic Games, Fortnite has acquired 125 million players in the first year of its existence. Out of the 125 million, 40 million allegedly play the game every month at the same time. That is a huge achievement for a brand new game.

Fortnite Battle Royale has taken over the world. There is no doubt that you will see some aspect of Fortnite in your day-to-day life. Professional football players celebrate scoring goals with emotes found in the game; there are constantly segments on news shows about the game – it’s just never ending.

Initially, Fortnite was a console game with it being released on PS4, Xbox and PC. However, in the last year we have seen the release of an iOs app as well as the announcement for a Nintendo Switch version. This marks Fortnite as one of the only games to be playable across all possible platforms. Another fan favourite aspect of the game is that you can play multi-platform, aka an Xbox player can duo up with a mobile player.

These are only a few of the many successes that Fortnite has seen in the last year. With the one year anniversary coming up, we can imagine that Epic Games will pull out all the stops to celebrate. Hopefully the in-game event will be a reality and the developers will put on a show for all.


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