Avengers Infinity War in Fortnite – Limited Time Mashup with Marvel

Avengers Infinity War in Fortnite - Limited Time Mashup with Marvel

Rumors are already circulating as to what the latest tweet could possibly mean. As part of the build-up toward the release of Season 4 in Fortnite we wrote about the possible crossover with both the DC and Marvel Universes. However, upon the arrival, last week of season 4 many of us were a little disappointed that was not added. With dwindling hope, some of the community held firmly onto the idea that we still may see this crossover later throughout season 4. This latest tweet from the official @Fortnite twitter page confirmed these hopes and rumours with some unbelievable news. Who would have since thought we would see Marvel and more specifically Avengers Infinity War in Fortnite!

Avengers Infinity War in Fortnite

The tweet and image itself give away little information about what this crossover actually entails, other than it is a Limited Time Mashup and will combine what we love from both Fortnite and Avengers Infinity War. The caption that accompanied the image within the tweet simply said “The battle begins tomorrow….” which only serves to indicate that it will start along with the other week 2 update and challenges on May 8th.

We have already been told the there will be dynamic shifts and weekly map changes throughout season 4, so perhaps this may be twinned in with weekly events such as this Limited Time Mashup. As mentioned, the specifics are not fully apparent but Entertainment Weekly have given us all some insider knowledge about what we can expect.

Limited Time Mashup of Avengers Infinity War in Fortnite Season 4

The title for this game mode is thought to be “Infinity Gauntlet Time Mashup” or something with similar connotations. WIthin this game mode players play at the legendary Thanos, who of course is the main protagonist throughout most of the hot Marvel titles.

From what we can gather, the game mechanics and “last man standing” will still be the winning goal, except for one major addition; the Infinity Gauntlet will be on the map.

It has also been further reported that whoever wields the Infinity Gauntlet itself with actually transform into Thanos! It can, therefore, be assumed that whoever dons this glove of mythical proportions will gain some sort of boost or bonus. This could be in the form of a damage buff, speed boost, additional armour or even a combination of all three. The specifics will most likely not be known in its entirety until the release of this mashup tomorrow. But as always, Epic games are raising the bar and blowing away its fans week after week.

If this game mode follows previous trends then we very well may see it around for a week or two and given the time that clearly would have gone into a project of this scale it will not just be live for a day for limited people to enjoy. Also, it should be clearly noted that one could assume there will be no spoilers as part of this game mode. Although no more details are provided, it would be counterproductive for Marvel to ruin the film for fans. Therefore we would assume that all players can experience and enjoy this Limited Time Mashup without any fear of spoilers.

How did this mashup happen?

A partnership of this scale is unprecedented and may be the start of a dynamic cycle with each season having uniquely epic collaborations. Over the last year we know that both Epic Games and Disney, who own Marvel, have been working together as part of the Disney Accelerator programme, so perhaps this has been in the pipeline for some time. It has also been reported the Russo brothers who actually directed Avengers: Infinity Wars are both big fans of Fortnite. We know this from them telling Entertainment Weekly they often would “jump into Fortnite whilst having breaks from editing Inifity Wars”. Donald Mustard who is the creative director of Epic Games jumped at the opportunity to create such an exciting an original game mode in Fortnite with the Russo brothers. One thing is for sure, they all certainly kept the fact that will would be seeing Avengers Infinity War in Fortnite season 4 a complete secret.

It seems that the whole world has gone Fortnite crazy, from a neighbour down the street, to high profile Hollywood directors, famous rappers or international sports stars. It is unbelievable when you think about how Fortnite is still technically in “early access”, yet has acquired outstanding levels of success in its relatively short life.

More information about this Avengers Infinity War in Fortnite game mode and incredible mashup will be fully revealed tomorrow, but all we can do for now is wait with great anticipation.


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