Fortnite 7.10 Update Patch Notes (Expected Changes) & Release Date/Time

Fortnite 7.10 Update Patch Notes - Release Date

In a recent tweet, Epic Games officially confirmed that the Fortnite 7.10 update will be arriving on December 18. The official Fortnite update 7.10 patch notes are yet to be revealed. However, we already know some of them. Therefore, we’ve detailed everything we know so far regarding the Fortnite 7.10 update below. This includes some patch notes, official release time, and more.

UPDATE – Monday, December 17th:

The release of the Driftboard has been delayed to focus on quality of life improvements. More info will be released once this vehicle is ready to drop into the Battle! In addition, the release date for this patch has also been delayed.

Fortnite 7.10 Update Patch Notes

A variety of changes will be introduced. The majority of which will occur in the Battle Royale aspect of the game. It is currently unknown what additions will be releasing in Save the World.


Recently, Epic Games updated the in-game MOTD to reveal the new Driftboard vehicle. This allows transportation for one player, the official description was the following:

“Hop on board and boost past your competition with this new single player vehicle!”

Fortnite 7.10 Update - Driftboard

The Driftboard has been a highly anticipated addition prior to the release of this patch. Leading up to Season 7, the vehicle was posted as the second teaser, and yet it never arrived at launch.

This hasn’t been explicitly confirmed to arrive in the Fortnite update 7.10 patch notes. However, Epic Games posted a group of emojis alongside the caption “Almost time to shred!” in a separate tweet. This could strongly suggest that we’ll be able to get our hands on it in tomorrow’s Fortnite 7.10 update.

X-4 Stormwing Nerf & Bug Fixes

Throughout the last few weeks, many players have been making complaints regarding the X-4 Stromwing vehicle. It appears Epic Games have listened and will be introducing a host of bug fixes and nerfs in update v7.10 for this particular feature. According to Sean “MrPopoTFS” Hamilton, Epic Games’ community coordinator, when the plane explodes and is taken down, players will experience an increase in damage. Whereas the current is 25, users will now suffer 50. This will make the plane a significantly less viable option towards the end of a game.

HUD Health Bar for Vehicles

In addition to changes on the X-4 Stormwing nerfs and bug fixes, Epic Games will also be updating certain features of vehicles. As of Fortnite update 7.10, players will be able to see HUD health bars on all vehicles. With this new feature, users will be able to see when their vehicle is close to exploding. This was once again confirmed by Sean Hamilton on reddit.

Fortnite 7.10 Update Release Date/Time

The Fortnite 7.10 update will release on Tuesday, December 18th at 5am ET / 10am UTC.

What are your thoughts on the Fortnite 7.10 update patch notes known so far? Are there any additional changes that you’re hoping to see arrive? Let us know in the comments below.


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